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These are all listed as “Pet Gates”. Is there any reason these should NOT be used as a baby gate?

One more vote for my Wooted tower Vornado fan which is a phenomenal cat training device. They used to scratch the screen to get in and out of our bedroom. A few times using the Vornado with its included remote to spook their naughty ways and they are now politely respectful of this doorway and the black beast that guards it. I’m afraid all these gates would be quite fruitless for them as they would merely jump them. Now - with the Vornado, perhaps even that could be dissuaded. maniacal laughter

I doubt it. Most of the baby gates I looked at when my daughter was born looked exactly like this, and many had a dual description of pet/baby gate. The only thing I can think of it checking the attachment points because a toddler is going to probably be a lot more forceful when banging/climbing/ramming into the gate than a dog, unless it’s a very big aggressive dog.

i would like to get info on thex extra Wide Maxi Pet Gate 1210PW. my opening area is 52" from left to right. will it fit ? how will it expand ?

Features say:

Expands from 37 to 60 inches to accommodate extra wide openings all around the house

Looks like it should fit. If you zoom in to the first picture and look to the right of the dog, you’ll see where the sections overlap. I’m assuming you adjust that overlap to the size you need.

Found the manual.

There is a big difference between baby gates and pet gates. When you buy a gate for a baby, it’s a baby gate. If you buy the exact same gate, for a pet, it’s a pet gate.

The little door on the bottom of some of these models aren’t baby proof. A kid could easily manipulate the door and get free.

The pictures with the cat smugly walking through the small door in the gates as the dogs look on made me smile.

This sale should have been called Dog Torture Devices clearly.

I have used one for the last 6+ years to contain 3 Jacks & an Airedale between the kitchen & the rest of the house. Expands well, tightens down. The only issue maybe that it has some give the larger it is expanded so it is real important to tighten it down securely. There should be “cups” to help secure the sides where they meet the wall which are a great help in the process. I love mine, dogs, not so much :slight_smile:


Was hoping for doggy car seats!

Why a cat gate? Cats can easily jump a dog gate.

One of my cats jumps our gates, the other does not. It seems to depend a lot on the cat.

Pet Containment? Why not cut the PC stuff and call it what it really is…Doggie jail…:o)

Elderly or overweight cats can’t jump. Best purchase I have made in years was one of these gates with the cat door and human gate. Makes laundry time much easier and safer for all.

Carlson 0680PW Mini Gate…can anyone tell me what the size is of the space between the slats? Want to see if little miss kitty can squeeze through…Thanks!

I bought the extra tall gate and when I went to put it up I found that I need more extensions. Where can I get these from?

You can check with Carlson Pet Products to see where to buy extensions.