Pet Floor and Air Care

so has anyone tried these pet stain and odor removers?

does it work for cat urine?


How many user return this model (Neato-21) because of issues with the wheels, LCD or battery?

We do not have access to that information. You would have to contact Neato.

Me for one. Would not charge, still had a dirty q-tip in the dirt chamber. So much for refurbing…

It worked for my cat and dog urine stains. I got the urine blaster with the yellow top and the other one with the blue top from walmart right after the Christmas holidays -this is much cheaper and its not in my wlmart anymore. They both worked great. I used the urine remover for dog and cat pee and it completely got rid of the smell and the stain. I had a red wine stain on my carpet that I tried to get rid of for a long time and the oxy took it right out. Its great stuff!

For the Neat-o, there’s a $30 mail in rebate available… i bought the XV-21 in a recent woot-off sale and just got it. I love it! Although, in the amount of time i spend watching it do it’s thing, i could probably just get the vacuum out and sweep the floor myself… but where’s the fun in that? Anyhow, i filled out the rebate and it accepted it. now i just need to mail it and wait 6-8 weeks to see if i get the visa GC. There’s also a $10 rebate for accessories and i saw walmart dot com has the 2pk filter and 2pk battery on sale… just a thought.

Just did this-- there will be 3 options, be sure to select the 2nd one.