Pet Gate - Your Choice - 3 Styles

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Pet Gate - Your Choice - 3 Styles
Price: $24.99 - 64.99
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The manufacturer is Carlson from my prior experiences purchasing these. Solid and the prices are good.

Carlson Pet Products Homepage
Thanks MichXelle!

Can the pet doors be locked?

I would have to say these might not be good for use on stairs with the little pet door. Children (crawlers) can probably slip through here pretty easy. Unless of course the pet door is also child proof which it doesn’t look to be. Think about the application before use please.

Might as well call these “dog gates”, since it’s obvious (by the walk through door for their highness, the cat) that in order to make them useful for cats, they’d have to be 8’ tall, and Teflon coated, to prevent climbing!

Remember, cats rule, dogs drool.

Purchased two of these from a previous Woot, the one with the cherry finish. It’s been a great purchase and they are used every day. They are sturdy, well made and a great deal.

My friends have the extra wide metal ones for their dog, and they work great.

These do look to be considered more pet gates than child gates, just by the pictures. There are probably several areas little fingers might get pinched.

Sob…Doggie jail…again :o(

I’m wondering the same thing. We have a small dog about the size of a cat and hope he can’t get through the small pet door at the bottom.

Do you know how wide the door on the gate is? I can’t find the info.

Yes, the pet door can be locked!

The $24.99 gate is JPMA and ASTM approved for kids.

I have the white metal one in an extra tall version bought at a chain pet store. The small pet door has a spring loaded pin with a knob so you can close it to limit small pets access.

We loved the gate but found the gate opening to be a bit narrow so a plus size person may have to turn sideways to pass through.

Any one have any experience using these with children?
I’m expecting a little one and want to block off areas that I still want my cat to have access to. My kitty is rather old and can’t jump a traditional child/baby gate.

I have the super wide metal gate. I have four kids. The five year old has a difficult time opening the gate, but my 7 year old gets it open without a struggle.
Also of note: my Plott Hound opens the gate with no trouble. He is super smart and has figured out how to slide the red piece back and lift the lever. We had to add an additional clamp to the gate if we want to keep him corralled.

We’ve had the first one (tall white metal with cat door), which we bought quite a few years ago from a different online source, & still LOVE IT. Very well made, & I believe we paid between $65-$75 for it back then.

It IS true, however, that there ARE “Houdini” dogs out there (TWO that immediately spring to mind & that are not even considered “small”. . .) who were totally & unbelievably able to squeeze thru the little cat door. Hubby simply took a piece of stiff white plastic-coated clothesline, doubled it up & twisted it to make it even stiffer, & tied it to the top of the little cat door & main gate so that the cat door now stays open just enough to allow kitty ingress & egress, but the dogs can no longer play “Great Escape”.

Amazon has this gate for $38.34.

[MOD: Found this was the Super-Wide model that we’re selling for $24.99]

We purchased the wide white one with the cat door. It is sturdy, however, your cat would have to be obese to make this useful. Both of our cats can walk through the gate between the bars(that is if they don’t decide to jump it first…).