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What is the biggest dog that can fit in this crate?

Which crate are you asking about?

Hey there! Sent a msg to support but posting here too in case it’s faster at this time of the AM. I just hit buy for a medium size crate based on weight recommendations, but in looking at the dimensions I think the Intermediate is probably more what I need (new rescue puppy is growing fast!) Hoping it’s not too late to switch & pay the difference?

We release orders super fast these days so we are rarely able make a change to an order.

In the future, you can cancel your order in the first 15 minutes and then submit a new order. There’s a link to instructions in my signature on how to do this.

When buying a crate or kennel, the dog (or cat) should be able to stand up, with at least an inch of clearance and be able to turn around comfortably. If the animal is still growing, ask yourself how long you want the animal to be in it? Notice, the Fold & Go Pet Crate has a divider, so you can buy a larger crate, and section it off, while the pet is still growing, or if you want to use it for multiple pets.

•Suggested for pets up to 45 pounds

A small to medium dog. Follow instructions above about the dogs being able to stand and turn.

Unless you mean this one.

Compact Double Door Fold & Go Pet Crate - 5 Sizes It comes in 5 sizes.

With respect to sizing, think about how big your dog actually is, not how much your dog weighs. Often there is a correlation in that small dogs aren’t very heavy, but it’s also the case that some dogs have a very powerful musculature. Even so, buy according to the dog’s physical dimensions.

I would buy the intermediate for both my dogs. Border Collies can easily fit in the 36" long crates. If I needed to fit two crates in a station wagon, I could buy the 31" length crates as “travel” crates.

If you have a puppy, especially a rescue puppy, figure out how large the puppy could grow and base your crate purchase on that. Crates will have a divider. Use it! If your puppy outgrows the crate, then just get a new crate and donate the old one to the local shelter.

Does the top and bottom of the crate come with it?

The Combi-Crate? Yes, they are included. The gates fold down into the two lids for portability.

There’s more Pics here

How much does the crate weigh? What is for folded up dimensions?


Which crate are you asking about?

Can you verify the dimensions as they don’t match Carlson’s web page for either small or medium:

24”L x 18”W x 19”H
Model: 7000
30”L x 19”W x 21”H
Model: 7001

Carlson Pet Products 7001DS Deluxe 2-in-1 Combi Crate - Brown
I have a 4.3 lb Havanese that I want to crate when not home (she is eating my house…) Will she fit through the slats or would I be ok with the crate gate?

Does the small pet gate on the Extra Wide Maxi Pet Gate 1210PW lock. It notes “Patented pet door is 10 inches by 7 inches to let small pets pass through, while everyone else stays put”. I cant fins anywhere if this small door actually locks. Thanks.

I couldn’t find anything specific, either. I did find a review on Walmart’s site that says the little door is hinged and spring loaded, though. Hope that helps, at least a little.

I bought a gate from this company through Woot several months ago. All of the parts did not arrive in the box. I contacted the company, and have spoken with them several times with them committing to send the parts. And I still have not received them. Be careful with this purchase.

Do you think maybe you guys could ship me my merchandise in a timely manner for once? I am not really in the mood to wait three months this time. What is it with you guys? Last time I had to get your director of operations involved. Do I need to do that again? I don’t think it went over well last time, so lets just get my stuff in the mail and try to act like you give a damn.

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Sorry to hear that you haven’t received tracking/shipping updates yet.

I’ve gone ahead and forwarded your post/information along to Woot Member Services to help find a resolve.

Thanks again for your continued patience during this matter.

Thank you for doing the same thing that everybody else does…forward to customer service…great so now they send me another cookie cutter response AND DO NOTHING ELSE! Seriously guys, what the hell is wrong with you all over there. Why can’t customer service ever do there job?