Pet Gates + Containment

I don’t think any of these pet gates are tall enough for a cat. It’s incredible how high my cat can jump.

Agree this would be useless for keeping kitty locked up. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

When I had to temporarily confine two cats, I put up 2 gates, one on top of the other.

Is there a way that you can connect any two of these play pens together to make one larger one. Help anyone ?

Probably best to ask IRIS directly.

**UPDATE: From vendor – yes you can! They are modular. **

I’ve seen my friends weimaraner squeeze through a cat door before. So the gates with the cat access might not stop your dogs.

If you are hoping to keep the dogs and cats separate, think again, depending on the size of your dog. The cat door on the Carlson gates is large enough for my 40lb Border Collie to squeeze through. You wouldn’t think so, but if your dog has the drive and likes to problem-solve, that small pet gate is not small enough.

I have read that if you do want to allow the cats to move freely while keeping the dogs out (example, gate the room where the cats have their food), then you should probably engage in some DIY to remove the small door and weld in a couple of bars so the dog won’t fit but the cat will.

Our cats are too lazy to jump the tall gate.

My 35# mixed breed dog runs through these gates like nothing is even there. I look at him and look at the little doorway, and I can’t even imagine that he could possibly fit! But he started out at 30# and kept getting fatter until I finally realized that he would just take the door at a run and slide right in there without even knocking it loose. I guess kitty kibble must taste pretty good to a puppy dog.

Now I love my little buddy more than you can imagine, but he ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed! I’m guessing that a smart dog would be so slick that you wouldn’t even hear them bump the gate.

What I’ve done to solve the problem is put the container with the kitty litter in front of the door so that it only opens wide enough for my cats. But that definitely takes away the attractive quality I was hoping to achieve.

I have one of the gated ones without the cat door (Carlson I think - the lock mechanism is the same, though technically a baby gate) and it’s totally useless to keep small dogs like my yorkie in one place - she squeezes right between the bars. I jerry-rigged something with mesh, but unfortunately unless I make the door totally unusable, she can still squeeze through. Sigh.

By the way, anyone have the wooden crate? I liked the ones nylabone used to make because they were flat on top (so you can put things on top), sturdy, and collapsible, but then my boyfriend sat on the one I have so the plastic cracked. I wouldn’t mind trading collapsible ease for durability.