Pet Gates - Your Choice (3-Styles)

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Pet Gates - Your Choice (3-Styles)
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I don’t understand the little door for the cat feature. Cats jump.
Unless you have an injured, old , or just one heck of a royal persnickety cat.
Then again, they all seem to fall into that last category.

Not all cats will jump, particularly with the tall gate. I needed the tall gate for a dog that would jump over the regular gate. The extra height was enough to keep him from going over.

Also, if you have a hard surface, a lot of cats don’t like coming down on that. Or if they can’t see past the gate (gate on a door on the side of the hall at one end, they can’t see what is out there (like a dog too eager to play). A tentative cat can safely stick their head through the cat gate to see if it is all clear.

Just some of the behaviors I have seen.

The only real downside is if you have small dogs or sneaky ones who can do the superman pose and squeeze through that cat gate. Or those who will jump over (out of 6 dogs, 4 at 60-100 pounds, 1 would go over the regular height, none would go over the tall one. I have seen a 60lb dog squeeze through the cat gate, but he was unusually clever and
bold, and was the one who would go over the regular gate. Most wouldn’t risk getting stuck in the 10x7" hole.

Both cats use the cat door to follow their momma around.

I like the wide one… Would like to know shipping weight. Anybody?

This fence is racist. Equal access for all domesticated species!

We ordered 3 of these last time they had them. We got the tall gates, and when they arrived, there was an extra extension piece (2 total) (they made it as wide as the wide gate, I think). We are using on in a French style door that is actually around 47" wide. I can’t guarantee that is the way this batch will ship, but that is what we got.

We have a dog who is way too interested in the cats. He weighs in at 58 lbs, and he can slide through the cat door, though. We used a length of plumbing strap (the metal kind with the holes) to make the cat gate at the bottom a little narrower to keep him on the side away from the cats.

These are the best things I have EVER bought through Woot! Good pricing, very stable, and easy to assemble. I highly recommend them.

Unless the opening you’re putting this in is REALLY close to its physical dimensions, don’t bother. If you have to have a few inches of exposed bolt, you’re going to be sorely disappointed. the wife bought one of these and A) the bolts can’t support the weight of the gate and B) an 8 lb pomeranian was able to gently push it over.

does anyone know how wide the black ones are?

I have two black/cherry ones and an extra tall white. I really LOVE these gates! Super easy to install. The black/cherry ones have a rich look to them, not cheap. Both feel/look solid, not plastic.

I don’t have a cat but I’m wondering if the rounded top on the black gates might give the kitties second thoughts about jumping over it? No flat surface to push off of as they are jumping over.

One thing I will say is don’t be deceived by the little door… my 40 lb Aussie can squeeze through that sucker! So unless the dog you are trying to keep out is a larger dog, it won’t work.

How far apart are the vertical rails? I have a 6 lb yorkie and she squeezes thru my current gate.

I bought the tall white gate to keep the dogs out of the laundry room where we keep the litter box. My 44 lb. Aussie squeezed through the cat door as well.

I took the cat door off the gate and used it to narrow the opening. It is held in place with clear zip ties (keeping all sharp edges away from the opening).

A cat won’t jump over the tall gate unless he has a good running start. It’s tall, and there is no good top landing for a cat, nor is a cat going to go for a vertical jump of that height.

We have a foster puppy at the moment who was able to scale the regular height gate, but he’s only tried once to get over this one. Our cat is small, and she can actually squeeze through the bars of the gate, but she does prefer the door. Our larger dogs (and the puppy) can also fit through the cat door. That’s only happened once for each of them though. Both are about 60 lbs. One is super stubborn and a bit of an oaf, and the other just followed him. She couldn’t get back through, though.

We have an extension on this gate to fit our opening, and the enthusiastic 40lb pit bull puppy has moved it a little bit, but not knocked it down. Same with our larger dogs, who are a boxer and a pit. Note that this is JUST with the pressure mount and NOT with the wall holders in place. We’re in the process of moving and will use those in our new house, and this thing won’t be moving at all once we have those things on the wall. Someone previously said something about a small dog being able to push it over - sir, you have not installed it correctly if you’re having issues, or you got a lemon. I am considering putting zip ties around where the extension connects just for some extra stability, but it’s a sturdy gate. Our dogs are strong. If it can keep a strong, rambunctious puppy from going after the cat that he so desperately wants as a plaything, it’s doing its job. I think I’m going to pick up another one, as our new house has a layout that will need another gate!

Click on the specs tab. There’s more info there. The black/cherry is:

Overall Dimensions: 29-38"L x 32"H

I only have a cat, but the cat is the one I want to keep out of my room. I would like to keep my door open to allow air exchange (otherwise my bedroom, which is on the corner of the building, is freezing). He is 99% likely to be too lazy to jump over the tall gate, as he never jumped over a shorter gate when my roommate had a rabbit, though he would swat at the rabbit through the gate if she came near. I imagine the cat door could be closed easily enough with a zip tie or something?

It has a locking device on it. Stays closed.

This just in…

The 9030 weighs 12lbs the other 2 are 14lbs

We’ve had the “Extra-Wide” one for many years now (10 maybe?) & still love it!

One caveat - do not assume that largish dogs will not try to or not be able to get thru the little cat door. We were amazed that our Treeing Walker Coonhound - not a small dog by any means - was able to squeeze herself thru that little door, Houdini-like, on a regular basis. Ditto for our fat Rat Terrier/Beagle cross. So what hubby did was restrict a bit how far the cat door can open with some heavy-duty plastic-covered clothesline, Double twisted so it’s semi-stiff. Cats can now come & go as they please, but the dogs stay put.

But if you’re buying this for the first time &/or if you bring a new cat into the fold, do be sure to leave the cat door completely open for a few days so the cat(s) can become familiar with the little door. At first our cats were sometimes trying to squeeze through the bars before they figured out the little door. And in all the years we’ve had this item, only one cat (out of many) once managed to get over the top of the gate. And it was awkward & dicey & she never tried it again - lol!

These say pressure mount, but do they also have wall mount, for a more permanent installation? Or can they be?