Pet Gates - Your Choice (3-Styles)

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Pet Gates - Your Choice (3-Styles)
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Amazon has similar ones for cheaper and free prime shipping. Guna pass.

Is there a different kind of gate that will allow the larger animal through while blocking the smaller one?

These are amazing. I bought 3 of them a couple of years ago to contain a couple of large foster pups. We had to use some metal strapping to make the little doors a bit smaller because both of the big puppies were able to get through them.

I’m still using them to control access through the house.

We got the extra tall ones, and they came (then, not sure about now) with the extensions to make them extra-wide also.

These are the most solid, easy open dog gates I’ve every had. Be sure to use the little cups on the door frame if your dogs are energetic just to keep them in place.

Interesting concept – perhaps something that would allow the bigger dog to teleport through the gate?

Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

I’m seeing a 10" tall gate that large dogs can walk over and a set of 4 lead weights for your small dogs feet so they cant jump over !!

I realize you were being funny but you can do this with the “invisible fence” type products. I know someone who has it setup this way by only putting the “special” collar on the smaller animal.

What is the spacing on the vertical bars? I have a small dog that can wiggle through if spaced too wide.

can i use this for my kids? =p

Only if you refer to them as “pets”.

The spacing is about 3 inches between bars.

Which ones? I don’t see any like this for ‘cheaper.’ I have the white one in this and it’s excellent so I’m curious to know since you post neither model or link.

Couple of questions:

  1. The Extra Tall states it is 41 in. tall. Exactly how tall is the Super Wide gate?

  2. What makes the Easy Close gate easy to close? I mean, I’m guessing you can open the other gates to allow humans through also?

Link please.

We own the black New Zealand Pine but in extra tall and it has held up to a 110 LB.German Shepard putting her front paws and weight on the top rail and going a little crazy over 2 years and still looks like new.DON’T know about the other 2 pet gates but highly recommend the black and pine model.

The main photo illustrates how we know that cats are more trustworthy than dogs. BTW, unless you have a super fat cat, they can probably get through the slats without the door.