Pet Gates - Your Choice - 3 Styles

That’s pretty sad that the dog is left behind!

I recently purchased an extra tall regalo with a walk through gate for humans in an attempt to keep my roommate’s cats out of my room (where my rabbits live).
Unfortunately the cats could walk right between the slats of the gate so I had to make some modifications so they couldn’t fit through. Other than that, it’s been great.

TONS of great reviews (4.6 out of 5.0) on the super wide gate over at

Time to check out the product page on the super wide gate

The cat… thinks its better than the poor doggy. You can tell the cat is pampered.

we have 3 of these. Very easy to use and install. The little pass through door can allow a much larger animal than you might think. Our 30 pound blue heeler can get through.

I agree on the size of the small door. Our 60lb Alaskan Malamute can even wiggle herself through if she is motivated to do so.

(which means if there is a new person on the other side that she feels she needs to lick their face? she’s wiggling through.)

Great reviews (4.8 out of 5.0) on the wood/metal gate over at

Why do Bill and Melissa have to put their names on everything?

If you’re able to screw into the walls you’ll be much happier with

We had two of the white metal gates with the hinged door in the middle and they were inconvenient, in the way, and obtrusive. The swinging part wasn’t wide enough and taking the whole thing down was a nuisance.

I didn’t even know the window shade style existed but once I bought it I was so much happier. It does the job when you need it and is totally out of the way when you don’t.

Thinking about getting the wide one just for a baby gate. Seems like it would work just for walk through correct?

This seems good for a family with a baby and pets. I recently put up baby gates at my stairs and now it’s annoying the cat because we have to manually open it every time she wants to go up the stairs to her litter box. If we had one with the pet passthrough I’d probably hear a lot less annoyed meowing.

Also be careful using this as a baby gate. The small door is a pinch hazard and the small knob on it is easily removed and a choking hazard. (If you watch your kid, you should be fine. But kids are bound to get into things the second you turn away for just a moment… so… just be aware of those dangers with having the small door. They WILL play with it and can hurt themselves. And can probably fit through it too.)

What’s up WOOT??? Recently bought this Wood/Metal gate, it arrived broken,shipped it back and you say you can’t exchange it b/c you don’t have anymore.

[MOD: Sorry. These are probably a new order with the vendor.]

The Wood metal one is $74.99 everywhere else. Just copy and paste the description and model number and Google it.You’ll see.

That dog has a look on his face like, “Hey, why does the cat get to come through and I don’t?” “I promise I won’t eat the treats in the cat leaves behind in that box you gave him”

I already had the white metal one with the cat door and it is AWESOME. Of course I paid a lot more for it so I purchased this second one. It’s nice it has a door for people too-It gets tiring trying to climb over baby gates all the time. The cats can get into their “cat room” and the dog can’t.

I have the wood/metal (style 3030) one… that we paid way too much for at a pet store (every time we’d go to buy it, it was out of stock everywhere online). It’s nice, and pretty easy to install. We keep it in the doorway of the ‘cat room’ so the dogs can’t get to the… ahem… kitty krunchies. Neither has attempted to wiggle through the door (50-60 lb dogs).

The good: cats can get through, dogs can’t, pretty easy to open, looks nice.

The bad: REALLY wants to slam shut as soon as you open it, which is annoying when you’re trying to walk through with your hands full (just about broke both legs when it slammed shut at the point it was too late to stop putting my foot down, resulting in me slamming my head in the wall in a tangled mess of legs, gate, and everything from the box of stuff I was carrying… but the gate survived with just a bit of non-essential plastic on the latch cracking, so there’s that). It also wiggles a bit more loose each time it’s opened and needs to be reset in the door now and then. Oh, and if we close the cat gate, the cats can still jump over it.

I don’t see any warnings for or against this being used around children. For those that have it (wood/metal version), is this safe to use as a baby gate? I would love this for our stairs to allow the cat to get down to the basement, but if medium size dogs can fit I am guessing a 20 lb baby might go right thru.