Pet Gates

I have one of these gates with the cat door. My 50 lb Koren Jindo Dog can fit through the cat door. I had to rig up a blocking plate for the top ~1/3rd of the cat door to keep him out (cats now have to crouch slightly to get through, but have no problem).

Otherwise, seems to work well, and finally keeps the dog out of the cat food.

We have the super wide one with the cat door. There is no way (without using zip ties) to keep the cat door in the open position. Even then, it sticks out at an angle. When a human tries to go through, the cat door will whack them on the shin as they step through. If you open it the other way, the pet door won’t allow the human gate to open all the way because it will hit the gate.
I ended up breaking the bars out of the pet gate by working them back and forth until the welding broke. I then used duct tape to cover any sharp spots. So now, the cat door is “closed” but there are no bars. This allows the kittehs to go through and I don’t have to worry about the small door being in the way.

I imagine the cat taunting the canine as it passes through the cat gate. Then the feline turns around, gives the dog the finger and runs off.

Looks like the extra wide 1510PW gate has dropped in price. I bought it during the last Woot Plus and it was $49.99 and here it is again for $44.99. Highly worth it if you’re in the market for a non tension pet gate.

Can you use the extra wide configurable without having to attach anything to the walls? I don’t want to attach anything to my walls.

Extra wide? No. Looks like you’ll have to screw hardware into the wall.

The super wide one, however, can be pressure fitted with no mounting hardware attached to the wall. It does come with some you can screw in for a more secure fit, though.

Wait, Seriously?? A cat door? my cat would jump right over one of these.

Well, older cats may not be up to jumping. I think it’s more to let smaller animals pass while holding back the larger ones. Cats are the exception to just bout every rule known to man.

I don’t like it.
Dogs should have more rights than cats.
Why block the dogs, and let the stupid cat go through???

That dog looks like it’s about to cry. “What did I do to get stuck over here?”

One would assume that the spacing between the bars is to far apart to keep my ferrets out of the kitchen???