Pet Grooming

Has anyone used the nail grinder before? My parents have a dog with black nails that are impossible to cut.

Yes. It does work, but the ease of use depends on how antsy your dog is. Ours don’t protest too much to having their paws held, but our dearly departed dog hated it and wouldn’t sit still for nail grinding.

I bought the aloe/oatmeal shampoo AND the aloe rinse a few months ago and they’re EXCELLENT - I’m in for more. Stops the scratching almost immediately if you follow the directions to the T. I have a large dog so these are so much cheaper than other inferior products elsewhere.

We bought the Pearls Au Lait™ Milk Bath last go around and it wasn’t bad, I just wouldn’t get it again.
The product separated in the bottle which was unexpected but seemed ok after shaking it.
It is very, very hard to wash out, every time I thought I had rinsed it all and got the dog out of the tub, I would find more soap still on her and have to rinse her again. And again. And again. And my dog had short hair!
We will finish up the bottle we have but I would not purchase again.

I bought the Nail Grinder at a Wal-mart a couple weeks back for about $15. Was blister packed versus a box & does come with the 2nd disc. Works well for what I paid, chews through batteries though.