Pet Hoodies

Meow! Mrow! Purr! Hissssss!

I think what my little one is trying to say is, they are lovely, mom likes dressing me in clothing, but I don’t always like it. However, being a diva, I will take it as long as there isn’t a doggie on the shirt!

Only up to size 2XL? Darn you, American Apparel and your too small sizes! Mastiffs need dressing too, y’know!

Okay, not really, and my dog fits my shirts just fine, actually. What she does afterwards is a good question. I haven’t seen Nyom Cat since May…

My dog has enough fir to keep him warm and besides, he loves the cold, therefor I don’t put clothes on him.

Great choices, though.

No… Just… no.

My dog would probably need a 3X, he’s a big boy too!

This is so groovy!

Which size is the dog (Boston terrier?) with the pink Mon Petit Chou hoodie wearing?

I used to have a very short-haired dog who got cold when the temps were in the 60s, and I live in Upstate NY. For some breeds, clothing is a kindness. My current dog does not need them, thankfully.

How do I decide…my dog definitely only needs one. She’s short-haired and gets cold in the winter, but she’ll only wear a hoodie/sweater outside when it’s really cold. Usually the first few days it’s below freezing, and then she gets used to that and only wants to wear it if it’s n the single digits.

Damn you Woot! You found my weakness…Clothes for my tiny furbaby! Now if it was just a Dr. Who Megan Lara design I would not be able to resist…

if I had a pet and liked dressing pets up, I would totally get the carnivore one.

Ok, I know you say the 2XL fits dogs up to 80lbs, but how much room does that leave… I think my little girl maybe a close fit… The neck size works… the length works… but she has a huge chest.

If I can get her one of the Woot !, we can walk around as a matching pair!!!

OH SNAP! Super cool! I’ll have to measure my smallest dog and make sure she’s small enough to fit into the XXL before I order, but I’m super pysched about this sale!

If Shirt.Woot continued to sell pet shirts, they would continue to be a hit.

And this is why. :wink:


Blue is in Small, Orange is XL.

AW have to buy one! Wish there was a green one! My furry baby looks so good in green!

Aww, was hoping maybe I could get A Horrible Accident for my sheltie mix… Next time?

And if it helps even more, the Boston Terrier is about 20 lbs.

Another looking for chest size! I have a boxer. She’s got a huge chest, so when I buy clothes for her, I buy by chest size, not length.