Pet Hoodies

Hey! Harold, the one in the orange, is a pit mix who weighs between 60-70 pounds (closer to 70). He also has a big, muscle-y chest. The XL fit pretty snug, but wasn’t constricting.

say, whose baggy oversized slouchy lethargic jeans do i see behind the Boston Terrier?
i bet they belong to somebody awesome and not at all insecure!

Will dog shirts/hoodies be offered every now and then with different designs or is this a one time thing? (I’m all for it, btw. :D)

Rusty and I can have matching outfits!
Except he will stay out in the cold forever, so I guess he doesn’t need it.

I did buy the entire family matching halloween shirts from woot. He wears that one, one day a year.
Doesn’t bother him.


Does amazon need more of my money?
As it is, between amazon and woot there is a package coming to the house at least once a week.

I wish that I not only I didn’t think pet costumes, etc. weren’t totally ridiculous, but that my rabbits would tolerate such nonsense. Oh wait, you didn’t use any of those fabulous rabbit designs… like a black hoodie for a rabbit with the glow-in-the-dark skeleton on the side. Jeeze Louise (I like turtles?!?) man, that’d even be funny on a dog! But i LOVE the fox noise! ;-p

I had a rabbit as a kid. While I was able to litter box train him, there’s NO WAY he’d have tolerated clothing. EVER. But it would’ve been really adorable!

Oh wow, woot, I don’t know whether to thank you or hate you! I don’t have any pets, or desire to buy these pet hoodies… but I have just spent over 30 minutes on youtube watching Ylvis videos after watching that fox video. I don’t know if they are that good, I’m delusional from lack of sleep, or I reverted back to a time when youtube just came out and you’d spend an extended amount of time there watching videos. I can’t tell if they’re on the verge of being horrible, or genius! Either way, I can’t stop watching, and that Fox video is amazing and well played! Thanks for wasting my night away woot!

My princess is adorable in sweaters. Yes, I got her a hoodie. BUT I WANT ONE TOO!!! Worthless marketing rascals - make matching hoodies for me.
thank you and have a nice day.

So the Boston is 20 lbs… any one know what size the Corgi is wearing in the angel/devil-o-meter shirt? My Corgi is about 20 lbs, but she’s so looooong, I don’t want to get a medium and have it come only halfway down her back.
I’d measure her, but I might be on Woot! at work. Maybe.

Please make Night of the Ulric available on a pet hoodie soon. Thanks!

I think everyone should come back here (or start a new thread) and post pics of their pets dressed up. In woot gear, other stuff, halloween costumes, just gimme pet pics!

Here, I’ll start.

i’m a big advocate of this idea.

Does anyone know if the neck size on the medium hoodie is accurate? It seems like a very small increase from the small. I have a Boston, and he’s 24lbs. His neck is about 13".

The large would be way too big on him, and I’m guessing he’s not too much different in size from the Boston in the photo. So medium might work, but the measurements are making me hesitate.

This is my mutt.

And my boxer.
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She likes hoodies. If I pick up her hoodie, she’ll come over and put her head through it and wait for me to velcro it on.
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She puts up with a lot.
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That helps a little. Tess is a boxer and she weighs about 55 lbs right now, but her chest is 30". Actually, the distance between the leg holes on the chest would help too. lol

Next time you do these, make the Woot! logo one also available as Woof! and I promise to buy 2!

Oooh, I’m getting the carnivore one for my boxer in a 2xl. She’s deep chested so I’m hoping it’ll fit. She has a jacket that I put on her at night for the reflectors…I may have to add some reflective tape to this and use this instead since I don’t really dress her up unless it’s really cold or we’re out at night.

Wooo, I picked up a Medium and I’ll see if I can get it to fit either of my cats. They are usually pretty tolerate of things. I’ll post a picture.

Cat’s in Hoodies! The short hair kitty, Cam Cam didn’t like it but put up with it. The long hair kitty, Max lived up to his name Maximum Bitey and bit me when I tried to get him out of it.

But the medium fit them both! Dawwww.