Pet Hoodies

Cuteness overload! Your cats are beautiful (and amazingly tolerant). I’m jealous you got yours so quickly! Mine didn’t ship until the 19th or 20th (ordered a hoodie and a tote; I’m not sure which shipped when). I should get mine tomorrow afternoon and will update with pictures, also.

YES! More pictures!

Just got mine in!!! The puppies were a little confused at first, but a cat soon distracted them. Both of my dogs are about 50 pounds and they are in the XL.

I bought my boxer, Roxy, a 2XL. It fits, but it’s pretty snug. I didn’t use my reading skills to see that it was made by AA, otherwise, I’d have known they ran smaller than the size chart made it out. Regardless, it fits, just not as well as I’d like. I will have to be extra careful washing it, and she won’t wear it as often as I’d planned since it doesn’t really look like it’s comfortable under her front legs.

This is Loki, he’s ~70 lbs, wearing a 2XL. There’s a bonus pic of Thor in the background. Thor didn’t get a hoodie because he dislikes wearing clothing.
(PS- Thor is blowing coat again, hence the dog hair… everywhere.)

This last pic is my favorite. He’s growly howling at me to take him outside to show off his new hoodie.

These pets are all so adorable. More pics of woot pets, please!!! In hoodies or not.

Here’s my cat (Nanook) with my hoodie on him. The amazing thing about this is that even though he put up a little fight, no one was hurt or maimed in the taking of this photo! Yay!

Now, is he laying down because he’s comfy in it or because he refuses to move until you remove the hoodie?

He was just chillaxin’… :wink: He was walking all around with it on (surprised actually, as I figured he’d just be spending all the time trying to get it off)! Although, he did NOT like it when we put the hood on his head. That’s where he drew the line. LOL!

Please bring these back again!
I received the one I bought and it’s awesome!
I really want to get a few more.