Pet Items Under $50

Booter seat, eh? Is that when your pooch has been bad and you give them the boot to the back seat of the car? :wink:

Is it me or does the little fella[/'er] in this ramp picture look unusually… flat?

He also seems to defy the laws of our 3rd dimension??

Wait a sec… the floor and couch look shopped too haha, was this stock of a foot-stool or something?

[edit] I’m still looking at this and I just can’t tell… if this turns out to be un-retouched my whole world will be ripped asunder.

Yeah that definitely looks like at least 3 images: the background, the item, and the dog.

The floor below the item (on the right) looks heavily cloned/blended. The ramp looks to be taken from the stock image (the other image on the page). That dog… looks like it was photographed under bright studio lights or direct flash (those highlights don’t match the lighting in the background at all).

If you’re crazy, at least you are not alone. :wink:

The iGo would be a handy as a pet bug out bag for you preppers out there.