Pet Life Apparel

I had to buy these for my Rottweiler because she was 1 year away from death. Here nails or paw had some kind of problem. This was back in 98 I bought these all rubber booties and they made walking much easier for her.

She (Roxy) once took on a mugger at 3AM who was holding a 1911 .45 semi auto. I loved my baby girl so much, not just because she saved my life.

These seem like they would be more comfortable than just rubber booties.

@markmc27: Thank you for sharing your story. :slight_smile:

Can you tell me what kind of closure these pet parkas have are they zip or velcro? I do not like the zip prefer the velcro as it is easier to work.

The dog that is wearing the jacket is named Roxi too :slight_smile: well wishes to your Roxy!

They all have Velcro-style closures.

Is there a size chart? How do I know what size to buy?

Look on the Specs tab of each. There should be size information there.

Shoe Size Chart (Measure the Sole of Your Dog’s Foot)
Sole Size Length Width
2# (XS) 2.48" 1.52"
3# (S) 2.84" 1.76"
4# (M) 3.04" 1.88"
5# (L) 3.4" 2.08"
6# (XL) 3.72" 2

Thank you! I guess I will have to get one for my precious little girl then!

The Yellow Reflecta-Sport Rainbreaker protects your pet from inclimate weather. That means it’s more than climate – it’s INclimate.

I’m confused by the sizing for the jackets.

I measured my dog’s collar last night assuming the neck measurement would be the circumference of the neck.

Her collar is 12" long when around her neck which makes it look like she needs a large but she’s a silky/poodle mix and weighs 12lbs and is usually a small or x-small in other clothes. Should I really order a large?

I couldn’t find specifics on this brand sizing but looking at other sites, the recommend fitting to the chest as some fabrics won’t stretch.

Are the Duggz sold in pairs or 4?

They come as a set of 4. Good question. That info seems to be missing from the sale.

Ok I’m a little annoyed now. How can I attach a pic? The large size that I ordered that says the neck should be 12.6 inches:
Size Back Chest Neck
XXXS 4.2" 6" 4"
XXS 6.3" 7" 5.5"
XS 9.1" 12.2" 7.9"
S 11" 13.8" 9.4"
M 13.8" 15" 10.2"
L 18.1" 16.9" 12.6"
XL 22.8" 18.9" 14.2"
XXL 26.9" 19.4" 14.9"

is nowhere near the actual size of the neck. I have a picture. The neck measures a whopping 17 inches!? I’d like my money back. Please advise.

You can find info about attaching pics here. I’d also suggest emailing Woot Member Services with your situation. Be sure to include your order number and user name for quicker service.