Pet Life Collapsible Soft Pet Crate

boo! my dogs are medium and large… oh well, guess that just means I’ll save some change.

No way my basset hounds could fit in here!

I feel like my dogs could make an easy meal out of that mesh screen in no time.

“Can I mount this to the roof of my car?”

-Mitt Romney

loll did anyone read the description?

I have two of the Medium size of these, and they just fit side by side lengthwise in my Impala. The Medium fits my giant cat well. These have been very durable. I have had them for 8yrs. Easy to clean, and fold up for easy storage.

Boo my dog is medium/large =( I’d be worried about the mesh screen my self with my dog, the 2nd she found out she wasn’t surrounded by hard plastic she would be working her way out.

I had one of these. Not 100% sure if it’s the same brand but it’s identical in appearance and color. My cat chewed/ripped through it the first time I took it in the car. No more soft sided mesh for me.

What a description!

Would an 18 lb Maine Coon cat fit in the size small carrier?

Yay basset hounds!! My blood brothers won’t fit either. Life is unfairly tilted to “cutesy”

I just use a Wal-Mart bag.

These kind of carriers are great for cats that HATE the vet. I use it for one that would hide in a traditional type carrier with only one opening. I can now open the top and pull him out without much fuss. Plus, it also helps corral him when they put up a fight for getting their shots. Just the other day it came in handy!

just what I needed, new carriers for flying my 2 cats. The back pack ones we have now, are handy in the airport but they cave in on the wee critters… word of warning… don’t fly on the same flight as us, unless you bring earplugs :slight_smile:

Put me down as someone who would love to see this offered in Large. Standard Poodle and we do agility so we have to bring crates to events… would love to have something more portable than the metal one we have.

I have the small size for my large cat and it is great!

it’s great for the snakes because there are no small holes for them to try to escape through and get their heads stuck trying. and if they are in a pissy mood, you can stick the snake hook in the top and pin them before opening it all the way and risk fingers.

Perfect for me! I have three baby chicks that need some outdoor time (and a qurantine carrier when the are older for illnesses) and one of my 4 cat carriers I have been wanting to replace (it is too small). In for two!

Can’t help myself. In for 1. Our oldest, largest cat was recently diagnosed with diabetes and HATES HATES HATES the crate we have but will be having regular vet visits for the foreseeable future. Doubt he’ll like this one any better, but I really like that it is collapsible. Then we can throw away the old huge nasty crate we have.