Pet Life Jacket with Thinsulate & Fur, Extra Small

testing for pets.woot

Hold on… that one on the left looks familiar…

I’ve been happier with the home.woot-off until now.

this might fit your cat - and if you try to annoy a cat by putting one of these on them - please posts the pics - one of them in this item and one of you torn up from kitties disapproval of your fashion sense.

Hmmm… it doesn’t look like it is very bouyant.

I thought this was a real life jacket for dogs. My friend has a surf dog who could use one.

I am disappointed as well in the lack of doggie floatation devices in this offering!

It’s hard enough to convince my cat to come out with me in the snow, and now you want me to squeeze him into an extra-small jacket? That would be his last mountain-climbing trip for sure. And then who is going to belay me?

You people are just mean.

Pet Life is the brand. They’re just jackets.

And way too small for my freakishly huge cats. heh.

Somebody buy one !

Good gravy, peoples – what was Woot thinking?!?

Useable back pockets? For keys? Spare change?

Yay Gomester!

Hope there’s only a few or this is becoming a snoozer with the backpack on Woot!

■Size: Extra Small (8 inches from black of neck to tail area)

must be late for the woot staff too

Same here. It would be like super furry Larry the Cable Guy in a hooded half shirt

Just in time for summer.

Doggie bag …

theres always the option to use this on one of those stuffed animals you can build in almost every mall.

Why does a dog need a back pocket?

To carry its license of course!