Pet Mega Clearance
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That looks about right. LOL.

How about fixing the size of that kennel? It currently reads 26 x 12 x 936". What house has a room long enough to dedicate 78 feet for their dog’s kennel? And how can a kennel 78 feet in any dimension weigh only 6 pounds?

Big puppy! I’ll email the team.

Update: Fixed.

Can we maybe get a better price on the dog water bowl?

Amazons got the same thing with free shipping for $35.23…

So the bowl doesn’t come with the reservoir then? I also saw the Amazon price and prime shipping

The water bowl is great but need to clean once a week or it smells moldy & I have tried bottled water also doesn’t make any differance would not reccomend

No. Appears to circulate.

I will take the lack of an answer to both of our questions; as the answer that woot will not be lowering the price.