Pet Odds & Ends

$79.99 for the Red Grey Medium collar seems a bit steep

Yeah… fixed.

FYI The 2 sizes pet beds for 39.99 - the size options show different prices

Old text that’s now removed.

Wow! The Master Grooming and Pro Sense supplies are a really good deal! I work at a pet grooming shop and these are brands that we try to buy in larger quantities for the pet stylists. Really good quality too. I’m amazed woot has it for cheaper than the business cost. We’d be paying a few bucks more for the same thing.

Hmm. Santa’s Little Squeakers Peace and Joy Plush Toy is 8.7 lb? Must be for a bi-i-i-ig dog.

Gotta love the title “pet waste no. 2 dispenser.”

I already have several no. 2 dispensers in the house and I clean their boxes every night!

How large is the pet carrier? And is it airline approved? My dog is 18 pounds . . . is this large enough for her?