Pet Pals: Cat Furniture & Beds

The only problem with this is the general rule of cats: If the owner paid for it, they don’t use it.

I’ve found that a little catnip spray takes care of that problem.

Does the 4-floor condo come unassembled or in a honking huge box?

Oh, it will definitely come unassembled in an only moderately honking box.

Why would our cats want their own beds when they already have three much larger, more comfortable, and warmer ones, each with its own supply of warm heads and feet to snuggle against?

lol this made we laugh and im not sure why…

btw people… cats legit use these, especially if you put them in an area that you constantly inhabit. They seem to like the top areas the most…

^^ Agree. I picked up one from a community deal at one time. It’s a little larger than the ones here (think mine is a 5 level?). My cat is on it more often than not. We actually put his food dishes up there and everything to keep it from the dog. Ours is in the dining room, right next to a window. That’s some cat love right there

(And yes, they will completely unassembly anything that can be taken apart. The only thing we didn’t have to do was wrap the rope poles)

My cat piddles don luv dis here product. He be always lyin up on da top an sleepin all da dam tyme.

Yep, cats love to be up high so they can see everything. Probably goes back to their predator ancestors. I personally think they’re plotting to take over the world.

Reminds me of the time one of my cats, when we were staying at my in-law’s between house moves, somehow made it all the way on top of the kitchen cabinets. These cabinets were built high, that room had at least 12’ ceilings. He stayed up there, too, for quite a bit. He’s always trying to get to the highest point. He’s also the more nervous of the two.

And that is my story about my cats. The End.

Our cat loves his (we keep it in front of the window and he loves looking out from the highest perch). Another advantage is sometimes he likes to have a spot to just be able to get away from the dog and not be bothered. Our dog isn’t mean but he likes to play - this gives the cat his own space.

um, what? this isn’t even close to being English or any other discernible language.

in other news, Cats like high places and enjoy scratching things as well. kill two birds with one stone and get the tallest cat tree that will fit in your house.