PET SHAMING: Piratize your pet!

avast or whatever! here’s an opportunity to showcase and shame your pet - pirate style! check it out:

do it up however you want. there are a bunch of apps available for “piratify-ing” photos. i used IArrPirate for iPhone (as you can see), but there are oodles of options.

or, if you’re feeling choppy, get out your photo editing software and have at it.
heck, you could even declare it an arts & crafts day and make a costume that subjects your furry (or prickly, or scaly, but prolly not scabby) companion to the ultimate humiliation.

however you wanna get it done, matey. eyepatch on the cat, pegleg on the dog, and rum…well, i’ll keep the rum.

pirate up those pets!

But…but…kitties are ninjas!


gr8! but that’s not the theme!

(eta: although i’ll bet my big toe that it will be at some point.)

Does a crayfish with an eyepatch count? it was all I had on my phone in aviary.

Under protest!

Tried to put a pirate hat on The Intern.
Now looking for Woot-off deal on bandages and first aid kits. :frowning:

Under less protest.
from friedbannana

I have no pirate stuff to put on my pets, so I’ll steal some pictures from the internet!

Luck for me, there are lots of pet pirates!

I suspect there may have been some blood involved with this one!

This is a scary guy! Cute kitty.

Love It!

not mine…