Pet Shop Toys

I wonder if one of those collars would work on my husband. He could use more “training”.

The fish tank seems to be a decent deal. Amazon is the next cheapest price I could find at $29.97

My sister has/had one of the fish tanks and I really liked it.

That dog looks rather upset.

I know I gripe every time Woot! sells this junk, but this time it’s made me all sorts of uncomfortable to see those ‘discipline collars’ under an event titled Pet Shop Toys.

Even implying any of those are considered toys is gross and upsetting. I don’t care if you guys were trying to be humorous or whatever, these collars are awful and cruel towards dogs and even worse if people consider them harmless under the guise of being sold during a ‘toys’ event.

I’m still not over one of these being sold during a Wootoff too. Come on, Woot. You used to be better than this.



I am curious about the spray-type training collars. I know that the shock collars actually hurt your dog, but are the spray ones as bad?

I once had a dog that I attempted to train for six months straight. I was consistent, I was firm, and I stuck with positive reinforcement. Nothing worked. eventually I decided that this particular puppy needed a more experienced trainer and I found him a great new home. I look at the spray collars and wonder if I would have had more success if I’d tried that.

No, not “nothing worked,” it’s that positive reinforcement did not work.

When you use all three tenets of learning (reinforcement, aversion and extinction), you’ll find that dogs learn a lot faster and generalize easier.

Your “more experienced trainer” that ended up with your dog ubdoubtedly used some forms of aversions in order to effectively teach the lessons that you could not.

Read what Gary Wilkes has to say about it: As Easy as Falling off a Bike: What punishment teaches us. | Gary Wilkes' Real Clicker Training Oh, and he’s a clicker trainer, too–one of the first ones to really market himself back when the trend started.

With that said, I don’t use spray collars. I don’t like them, and compare them to the old “shock collars” from the 60s: they have ONE WORKING LEVEL. If your dog doesn’t respond to it, too bad, it just keeps getting sprayed over and over again without learning anything. If it overcorrects the dog, there you go, now you get to repair the damage. Give me a good remote collar with 127 working levels any day. (Hint: you’d be surprised to learn that many dogs respond positively to levels in the SINGLE DIGITS, that even we can’t feel.)

That is absolutely false. The automatic spray collars may have an issue like this, but the one being sold here is multi level- and controlled by the trainer.
THIS collar has:
Positive Tone
Negative Tone
Spray levels go from short burst to long burst the level up and down.

I have it, and haven’t bothered filling the spray reservoir yet - because (and they recommend this, too) we are making positive associations with the positive tone, and the negative tone helps to distract the dog from the negative behavior.

Before you go off and compare something to a device as cruel as an old school shock collar, RTFM.

Inanimate objects lack the ability to be cruel. People putting shock collars on their dogs and using them inappropriately can be cruel, but the collar cannot.

That said, of course these collars can be used inappropriately to the detriment of the dog and everyone else. These collars can also, when used appropriately by someone who knows what they’re doing, be an extremely effective training method endorsed by many that actually know what they’re talking about.

A stick can be used to play fetch with your dog or to beat your dog. The one holding the stick is responsible for their own actions.