Pet Stuffs for CHEAP!

This is not the right picture for this product. See Amazon.

Regarding the drinking fountain…

“For indoor or outdoor use only”

can someone please provide me with a venn diagram as to where I am if I’m not indoors or outdoors

In space.

Upgraded to this WOOT size pet fountain, tides my five furever family members over for days at a time. Easy to refill even when one of the bottles are empty. Telling friends that have asked about this pet fountain, so you better hurry up before they buy them out!

Anyone knows whether this wouldn’t be too tall for a miniature daschund? This would be amazing for mu husky, but can’t leave the little guy out too.

Do people just not shop around anymore? The Catit toy is only $13 with free shipping on Amazon regularly vs. $18 here. And the return policy is worth $$$

Sad day for wooters, sad day.

Great day for woot! - sold out!