Pet Supplements

Hey, do I get a prize or something for paying attention?? Is this an intelligence test to see if anyone actually reads this stuff??

The 4oz cat oil description keeps talking about dogs. Did the dogs get in a huff and rewrite the copy?

This is clearly what happens when you hire cats who play keyboards to write up the features listing.

Thanks for spotting the discrepancy! (seriously)

You win a high five, a pat on the back and all the love and affection from Salmon Oil lovers around the Interwebs.

Have used the Grizzly Salmon Oil with my Corgi and was just thinking of getting some for winter. Makes his coat mink-like. Highly recommend.

Price here is good, especially with multiple bottles but expiration date is a concern. This stuff goes rancid fairly quickly - keeping it in the fridge helps.

Thank you woot for the awesome deal on Grizzly salmon oil! I’ve used this for years with my dogs and I always feel a little ripped off by the price when I have to buy it at the pet store. In for 3 64 ouncers!!

Much cheaper than GNC Salmon Oil for dogs. BUT the Rosemary Extract is something to be cautious of if you have dogs prone to seizures or seizure like activity such as head tremors.

Rosemary extract can cause them to have more seizure activity or episodes can be more severe.

I wish it didn’t have the Rosemary Extract or at least told us how much is in a serving. For that alone, I am not purchasing this item.

Just in case you wonder how I know this, I have been a certified veterinary technician for over 5 years. Take care of the furbabies everyone!

These are good prices for the Grizzly Salmon Oil. I usually get it from a place called I don’t need any now, but I may stock up to save a couple bucks. I wonder what the exp date is on these.

A few of us put it up on FB, that’s why they’re selling out. Glad you got a good deal!