Pet Tees for Humans

As a dog owner, your bias towards


is showing again. :slight_smile:

(Disclaimer: has 45+ catshirts.)

I love my Settler Cats tote! It works great for bringing a few games up to the gaming table.

I’ll second that!

are any of these AA?

Nope. The t-shirts are Anvil, the totes are Liberty Bags, and the apron Augusta Sportswear.

Why when you click on the makin’ bread shirt, which says $15 it goes to the buy page and says $18 ??

I let the guys in charge know. Good catch!

UPDATE: It seems to be back to $15. Are you still seeing $18?


Also, anyone who has one of the totes or aprons mind posting a picture? I’m curios what they look like (I mean the actual think, not the simulated picture they have)

i asked for it, now I’ve bought it. a Settler’s cats tote to hold my knitting projects/supplies. thanks!

Will we never see Darth Meow again? I see Boba Fetch, but no Darth Meow. Again. Sigh.