Pet Training: GET DOWN

Kind of sad how the ‘bark’ collars are all sold out.

People forget how to teach their dog correctly or something?

What is correctly??? Please explain.
I have a barker (aka chocolate lab) and not much has worked. Haven’t tried a shock collar, but have used the spray collars. Not very effective…
And the Bark Free wall units are a total waste of time and money.

BTW he is trained to ring a bell to go out, knock to come in, and poop only under our laurel bushes.

I would love to put one up to stop my neighbor’s Jack Russell from yapping every time it is put outside to take a whiz or dump. The dog is incapable of doing “it” without constant barking. But the unit sold here can’t be hidden and my anal retentive neighbor will go ballistic. Guess I have to hear that mutt every morning at5:40. Oh well…

Wait for the BB guns to come on sale again. Problem solved.

Positive reinforcement based training. It is dog training based on behavioral science, not a tradition of being cruel to dogs and forcing them to comply out of fear.

I also thought it was sad to see those sold out. If anyone reading this is interested, “The Power of Positive Training” is a great starting point.

I use a bark collar on my dog. I wouldn’t use one of these, because I just got a new one to try that picks up the boredom howling my dog does in the crate in my APARTMENT. I would either go with the Bark-Limiter (now made by Garmin, who bought out TriTronics, I think) or Educator (which makes the extra-sensitive one I just bought).

Oh, and I exercise her mentally and physically. She’s obedience-trained, has great house manners when I’m home, and some obedience titles. She’s crated when I’m gone. My neighbors LOVE her.

But I really don’t want another call from them on a Saturday while they’re trying to sleep, telling me that she was pulling a howler monkey impression after I leave for work at 8AM.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again here, were someone to use a remote (or bark) collar on their dog, please check out Educator or Dogtra. Give your dog the benefit of 100-127 levels of stim PLUS a vibrate/page function. Innotek/Petsafe has never been a brand of go-to collar for me.

These are barbaric. Use a Manners Manner, it trains without harm or pain. We use it to help our dog with crate anxiety but it was originally developed to address barking. These kind of collars are cruel and it is the lazy way out. You are training your dog, you are abusing it.

Not only is this guy right, barking isn’t a sign of a disobedient dog. These collars and other collars/tools alike should only be used in EXTREME circumstances but it’s embarrassing that people are using them as if it’s a training tool for an average dog.

Exactly HOW do you do that for barking please??

I have trained my lab (as stated in my original post) to poop only under the laurels, to ring the bell to go out, to knock to come in and many other things, including sit & shake whenever meeting a new person…all with praise and positive reinforcement…
HOW do you train a dog NOT to do something?? I will not use a shock collar. The citrus spray collar worked till he figured out how to move the sprayer.

Check out Gary Wilkes. He is the only clicker trainer I know who admits and puts into action the notion that positive reinforcement cannot inhibit behavior, and sometimes a well-timed aversive (he doesn’t use e-collars) is necessary to stop misbehavior. I would trust him with my dog over the thousands of “positive-only” folks out there who can’t train a dead dog to stink.

With that said, I do praise the modern remote collar in obedience training–it is NOT the “shock collar” from even 10 years ago. My Tritronics model from 1996 (which no longer works) I keep around as more of a historical artifact when compared to my Dogtra 7100H. There is even no comparison between my that and my Dogtra 175 from the mid-2000s. They just keep getting better and better. If you’ve never felt one (a QUALITY collar, not one of these) or learned how it’s used in training, perhaps you should. I try to not take advice or opinions seriously from people who don’t know what they’re talking about :slight_smile:

And I love my Manners Minder, by the way (in addition to my remote, slip and pinch collars)! Maybe Woot can grab some of those to sell sometime? If not the brand name, I know there are some “generic” remote treat dispensers out there too that might fit the bill as well.

That is what I’m tempted to do with my neighbor’s incessantly barking dogs using that nifty suppressed Gamo we got my dad, but it hasn’t come to that yet.

Those of you talking about the anti-bark products being barbaric, any suggestions for neighbor’s dogs when the owner is a jerk and just ignores his dogs? I’ve been on the verge of calling the police a few times to report the dogs, but I didn’t want to resort to that. He knows I work nights and need to sleep during the day, but he doesn’t seem to care.

I really, really, really wish that Woot would stop selling these inhumane training methods. It disgusts me to think that one of their buyers even looked at products like this and thought, wow, we can TOTALLY make a killing off these!

They’re shock collars. I cannot fathom using one on my dog, no matter what he does. I complain every time Woot puts these up for sale, but I might as well complain yet again.

Like others have said, there’s far better training options. Shock collars are the laziest method and have the least involvement. You’re not interacting with your pet in a positive manner whatsoever when you use one of these. You’re not one-on-one giving him attention while also training him better behaviors.

Sure they say that they’re ‘safe’ and ‘won’t hurt dogs’, but how do they even test that? “Well, the dog isn’t yowling in pain, so it must not be hurting!” It’s enough of a shock to punish them, how can it not be painful to them?

I mean, heck, I’d hate to be trained with a tazer. It won’t do any permanent damage! It’s totally safe for people, just like these collars are for dogs!

Sounds like we have the same neighbor, and I’d love to hear some answers, or I’m getting one of these things and turning it up to 11.

I guess we’ll have to figure out a way to get a shock collar on your neighbor. Then when his dog barks, the neighbor gets a message.

I like this plan.