Pet Training Products

My dog would sell her soul for those bacon training treats. They are very fragrant and great for using as a scent lure. They are very motivating but a little on the fatty side, good to note if your pup is watching their waistline.

I wish the leash was shown in greater detail. Sounds like a terrific leash with all those ways of hooking it up.

A 3.5 oz. Bag is small. The 16 oz. sells for under $8 so I’ll pass on trying them.

Yes, but it is for a pack of 3 x 3.5oz bags. Also, I am not sure where you found a 16oz bag as I cannot find one cheaper than $17.99.

are the poop bags biodegradable?

also, GENERAL review on some of the other products:
-my pup has a problem with incontinence (and she’s a spaniel, go figure?). I never found a disposable brand of diaper that stayed on her. The washable cloth diapers do stay on her very well. And know what’s substantially cheaper AND more effective than a bunch of disposable doggie diapers?
A cloth diaper (get at least 2 for washing machine rotations) and cheap maxi pads.
Also, the disposable diapers don’t specify male or female. since the use recommendations include bitch-in-heat, I’d assume that they are female.

If you look at reviews for pretty much any of these they’re nearly always middle of the road. Why? Because some dogs care and some don’t. Case in point, I have 2 dogs. One really doesn’t like the ultrasonic correction and one doesn’t pay any attention to it. In my house, it’s been super effective at controlling barking. the pup that barks (probably because she’s embarrassed about wearing diapers) is also the one who doesn’t like the ultrasonic correction. The dog that doesn’t pay attention only barks when the first dog is barking. Essentially, how useful this will be for you depends entirely on how many fucks your dogs give.
I have this one:

Grannicks Bitter Apple Chew Deterrent Spray
This product is awesome. I know I’ve heard of some people whose dogs go straight through this, but those dogs haven’t been any of the last 6 I’ve owned (multiple dog owner, and going back to 1995; i’m not some terrible serial dog killer). Also, this is the product recommended by every veterinary clinic I’ve work at. And it hasn’t been generic “bitter apple spray.” It’s Grannick’s.
Let me tell y’all a story about Jayne the German Shepherd. Jayne was a big time chewer and destroyer as a puppy. At the time, I was living someplace where the local pet stores didn’t stock grannicks. I tried every chew deterrent they DID carry to no avail. I then tried some more old school remedies. Specifically, i bought some extra hot habanero sauce and put that, undiluted, on the table leg Jayne was trying to eat. the next day, not only was the leg EXTRA splintered, but the bottle of habanero was on the floor, holes punctures, and drained clean. no spillage of sauce anywhere. Turns out my German shep is a chili head. Thankfully, I got a hold of some Grannicks and my furniture was saved…

we use the bitter apple spray, because we have a tail sucking Abyssinian. It’s the only thing that will stop her. It’s a nasty habit she picked up from her mother. 2 bottles for 16.99 isn’t a deal at all however, especially after you add shipping… too bad, we are in dire need of more… I guess it’s off to petsmart

When mine was a puppy, he ate a bottle of bitter apple.

Cayenne pepper never got him to quit eating the window sill.

I had to get him a @&$!!€ cat.

Oh and…

When you mentioned the “3.5 oz bag” being small, I was thinking of the poo bags. I was stunned trying to imagine how that would work. Especially with my 85 lb poop factory.

Here’s some pics of the leash… Inexplicably, the image showing the length configurations has the long and short backwards.

I have a very similar leash from a local B&M that is branded by a very popular felon. It’s really versatile but costs twice as much. My only complaint is that the O-Ring hits my dog in the head occasionally and it sounds like it hurts.


I have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard.

Does any of these products work on kids? Mine needs a lot of training.

A doggie jail??? I hope when the burglar shows up, Mr Dog says, “Remember the time…” :o)

I used to an English Shepherd who would sit there and outright beg for those chicken toes (no idea what they’re really called) little hot peppers in our local Chinese take out place. I love Indian food, etc. so can stand hot and spicy but could not take these peppers. I always thought my dog was a little nuts for liking them so much but apparently he wasn’t the only dog to love hot peppers.

My dog loves the Crazy Dog train me treats (especially the bacon). They are super fragrant and when she’s being a pain about eating her food I’ll crumble them and mix them in. Note: she’s diabetic and has to eat on a regular 12 hr schedule, so it’s important she eat and at the right time, because otherwise I would put the food away and say whatever and not do such a thing with treats. Well played Coconut…well played.

I’m totally ready for a I’m not sure about the rest of you. If I could make a suggestion, the Crazy Dog Baby Dog pet shampoo is absolutely fantastic too. It smells like baby powder and I love it. I can only assume based on the treats and shampoo that all things Crazy Dog brand are amazing.

About the 36" exercise pen it says 36" high and 24" wide panels… and then it also states in the features a total of 16 square feet total

I see a total of 8 panels in the pictures and 3’x2’=6’ squared … so 6’ squared x 8 panels would make a total of 48’ squared feet.

shouldn’t 16 be the circumference?..if the panels are 2 feet wide that would make more sense.

We tried this bitter apple spray, it worked…kind of. She didn’t like it but she really liked the chair leg so she would slowly work through the bad taste. We found that Lime juice worked better and was cheaper.


8 panels at 2’ each is the equivalent of a 4’x4’ square which is 16 square feet of floor area inside the fence.

what you have calculated is the square footage of the panels themselves.