Pet Travel & Treats

The drop-down menu for choices shows loveseat twice, at two different prices. Is this meant to be chair and loveseat? I’m interested in a chair cover and don’t want to get stuck returning the wrong one.

I’ve sent an email asking to see what’s up.

UPDATE: We only have 2 sizes. Pricing is different depending on the color.


Might have to get that storage set to put a stop to all the unauthorized snacking my creature’s been doing since he figured out how to open the pantry…

Maybe I’ll buy that 110 pound dog bed for my 15 pound terrier. What are you going to do about it Dog Whisperer?

Well at least your terrier probably won’t be able to drag around a bed that heavy.

I picked up a pair of the large 110lb beds, and I like them. Some reviews on Amazon say they’re not padded enough but I think they’re just fine. Seem quite durable, the outer cover is easily removed for washing, they are attractive, and my pets like them. Recommended, especially at this price.

Cesar himself is offering 10% off (of $55 and $65) on the travel mats…

…so yeah, this is a deal.

Same price as in the Woot Off. So much for Woot Off prices being a better deal. Harumph