PetEgo Seat Covers

Can anyone confirm/deny if the seatbelts can still be used with the backseat protectors? They appear to be visible in the photos of the hammock-style, but the dog is laying on them in the other photos.

I’d like to keep the fur off my back seat, but my dog wears a harness that connects to the regular seatbelts in the car, and the only covers I’ve seen cover the seat belt female ends.

That’s a nice looking GSP.

I was thinking the same. :slight_smile:

Me too. Beautiful dog.

Can anyone give me the specs & measurments on the Extra Large Motor Trend Dog backseat cover?

Good catch. I’ll email the team and let them know the Specs and Features seem to be playing hide and seek.

I have a question, and im not trying to be a smartass, really.
doesn’t anyone read the stuff pertaining to the sales before they go online? theres always stuff missing or incorrect.

There are several checks, yes. Sometimes it’s due to tech errors that things disappear and when certain specs/features aren’t listed, it’s because our buyers didn’t receive that info from the vendor initially.

We’ve had pointers off and on thru the years. Lovely dog, great with kids. Miss having them.

thanks for answering

Is there a difference between the Petego regular car seat covers and the Motor Trend Petego car seat covers?