Peter Wellington 2006 Victory Reserve - 2 Pack

Peter Wellington 2006 Victory Reserve - 2 Pack
$54.99 + $5 shipping
2 Peter Wellington 2006 Victory Reserve
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Previous offers:
3/3/08 (2004)
9/24/09 (2005)

Hmmm… still haven’t touched my 2005 Victorys. I guess adding a few 2006s wouldn’t hurt.

Would not miss this black tie for the world.


Tried for first sucker and missed. I’d much rather have this than a woot-off right now anyway :happy:

I just had an 04 last week, it was great. The 05 isn’t ready yet.

I want a crack at the 09’s we were blending back in July.

Very happy to see Peter back. Sorry I missed the opportunities to help with crush this year.

I just hope it sticks :slight_smile: Given how many times I’ve purchased from here I had to get first sucker at least once…

It was a late start (Sept. 24th, and we just brought in our last grapes Thursday (Nov. 4th). A crush report blog will be forthcoming as soon as I catch up on paperwork that was neglected during crush.

This is probably going to drink a little earlier than the '05, though, right? Since '06 wasn’t quite such a “classic vintage” or whatever?

And, after having missed the Victory in a Woot-Off a while back and hearing from lots of folks about what a mistake that was, I consider going in but limiting it to just one to be fully within the bounds of my HTEIWBM (holiday travel expense imposed…) Now, hopefully it doesn’t show up while I’m out of town…

Peter Wellington’s Woot blog

Wellington Vineyards at Yelp

As I posted in the Pub… is this a wine.woot exclusive release? The Wellington website still shows the 2005 Victory with the New Release tag.

I just updated my Cellar Tracker tonight, and hung a litte tag with a drink between “2013-2021” on my 10 bottles of 2005 Victory.

What tag should I hang on six bottles of the 2006?

Yes it is. I tried to say so in my vintner voicemail, but I was too long winded and got cut short.

Tonight through 2021

just wanted to point out that this is basically 50% off. A bottle of the current Victory goes for $50/bottle. Last offering I opened woefully young. Wellington always provides and delivers. I RECOMMEND.


Well if I had one tonight dang it (wish I did), how long should I decant it.

Make 'em give you more time! I want to hear the rest!

Yeah it sounded like the cutoff was at the word “oak”.

That’s a matter of personal taste, just as aging is. I like to see how a wine evolves after opening, and almost always have dinner with my wine. For sipping / drinking without food I would definitely decant. Another good reason for decanting is that this ape throws dirt. The’06 Victory already has a healthy amount of crystals growing on the cork / in the neck.