Peter Wellington 2006 Victory Reserve - 2 Pack

Peter Wellington 2006 Victory Reserve - 2 Pack
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2 Peter Wellington 2006 Victory Reserve
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Since everyone is asleep…

edit - nevermind Cesare woke up :wink:

Not everyone…

Peter Wellington 2006 Victory Reserve - 2 Pack
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edit: Now, that’s a good start to a day!

If I didn’t already still have so many bottles of Victory ('04 thru '06), I would be all over this. I love Peter’s wines, and this one is just tops! And for the woot price, WELL WORTH IT! :slight_smile:

Peter’s Victory Reserve is one of my favorite wines. In for 2.

Awake but buzz killed on this one.

weeeeeeeeeeeee, gettin’ up early never felt so good.

This woot off is just not fair. Have made three must have purchases in 2 days.

Victory is ours !!

Im on 4 if I include Monday. Making up for lost time. I’ve got everything I’ve wanted aside from some Roessler or additional Pinots so I think Im set unless either of those pop up.

Heh that is my problem too … I already have most of them cellared and no room in my coolers to add to the stock pile.

And to be honest, it is getting hot here in Houston and I am not willing to buy a Black Tie wine till the $7 rate kicks in. This is not the wine I want cooked in the back of a UPS truck.

I expect most comments on this one to range from shrieks of joy from those who got in on this, to wails of lament from those who were sleeping and missed out.

Everyone knows you can’t sleep during a wootoff!

I seriously want this, despite the lack of storage space for recent woots. The problem is that it is hot in Florida now, and the wine boxes are like Hot Pockets in the toaster oven of the delivery truck. Can we pay more and get it faster? Otherwise, I have to watch for a few months, sadly.

Actually, there is one other that would tempt me. Peter’s Cab Franc release. I would probably buy 3 of those. Hint

I’m broke and this wine is taunting me. Someone make it go away, please.

more tasting notes anyone?! Is this really better than th e05 as Peter Wellington said? 06 was a warm vintage in most places…

Website says 2005 Victory Reserve is a New Release…2006 is NewNew Release?

Should I be letting that most recent review in CellarTracker scare me off?

I’m in Atlanta, and scared to death that this will get cooked! Where is summer shipping WD? It’s 90 here in the Dirty South!