Peter Wellington 2006 Victory Reserve - 2 Pack

Peter Wellington 2006 Victory Reserve - 2 Pack
$54.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 2 Peter Wellington 2006 Victory Reserve

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Got to love a woot-off that starts with a victory!

Why?! I have no monies! /sadface

Wow… If I didn’t already have 3 in the cellar, I’d be in again! But, gotta say, the first bottle we drank was gooooood!

Kind of thought this was coming!
I have two bottles of this resting nicely in the cooler + an 05’. I don’t think I need more…But ya never know!

Peter makes excellent wine and his wines are always great QPR.

Can it get any better than this?
First sucker: rjquillin
Corison perhaps, Ty…

Any chance this would make it by Christmas?

Courtesy of CJ:

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Ditto, except I have 6 (4 from earlier in the year, and 2 from the last woot-off).

It should, but most of the time I let wine rest after shipping, usually for at least 2 weeks.

Edit: Fine! I let it rest for years after. Happy? :tongue:

Yum! I’ve got 4 sitting happily in the wine locker at the moment, so I can save my $ for whatever other tricks WD has up his sleeve for this woot-off. It’s about time for some Iron Horse…

Went for this one and spent my wine money for the month. I hope woot doesn’t tempt me with another posh offering!

Not specifically for this wine, but I might be away from my house after the 19th of december what are the odds something from this wootoff will make it here before then?

oh hell, not a woot off

balsamic anyone?

I almost always let my wine rest for a couple days at least, so if it arrived by Christmas I could share it with family on New Years. :slight_smile:

Sorry, but my last purchases of Wellington have been below average.

Full of sand and “corky” tasting Both with the Zin’s and Cabs…

seems expensive…see

That’s a great price for his Cab, but that’s not this wine.

This is reputedly outstanding. Best cellared for a decade, though will drink now with much decanting.

My first Woot purchase, and purchase of online wine for that matter!