Peter Wellington 2006 Victory Reserve

Peter Wellington 2006 Victory Reserve
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PRODUCT: 2 Peter Wellington 2006 Victory Reserve

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Man, he must’ve made a lot of this stuff!

[Edit: Note that we’ve opened one bottle so far, and it was excellent. I’m remarking more about its repeated Woot-off appearances…]

If you don’t already have a few stashed away like I do, you should get this stuff! Each of the base wines is excellent, and Peter is a master blender.

Who has had the '06? Reviews, notes, passionate praises of undying love???


Thank the woot gods my CC can remain intact on this one; still have 5 bottles squirreled away or I’d again be in for the max…

Have a bunch laying down, yet to try one… anyone know how this will pair with bacon and eggs???

Have 2 in the cellar and drank 2. Worth the woot price, but I wouldn’t pay much more. Wine is not overly complex and needs an hour or two to really open up. When open, some red fruit, spiciness, and a little bit of earth. Not a fruit bomb… but then maybe my preferences are downplaying what might otherwise be a great wine…

best red blend I’ve had from woot. Keep nibbling on the stash, but it’s just so good I can’t keep my hands off of it

Last wooter to woot: MarkDaSpark Last purchase time: Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Maybe MDS can provide a review? Or any others that bought 11/10/2010.

I am so outta storage space…

Had 1 and loved it. Already have 11 more bottles sitting in my cellar taking their sweet time…

Cellar Tracker says the drinking window on this extends out to 2020. I’ve got four bottles from the last time it was offered and haven’t opened one. I’m saving them for a VERY special occasion. Everything I read says that this is VERY GOOD wine. 90.2 points on CT.

Bought six bottles last time it came up. Have had two, one actually followed a bottle of Corison Napa Cab, which was an interesting contrast.

Granted this is still on the young side for Peter’s wines, but both bottles were excellent. If I didn’t have four stashed away or I had more room, I’d get some for sure.

No shipping to Maryland. My wallet thanks the Woot Gods, my palate curses the Woot Gods.

What is the “going $” for a bottle of this?

I’ve been watching wine.woot carefully these past few weeks for the perfect wine for my 30th birthday celebration. Just bought one of these. Guess I’ll find out in April if I made the right choice.

Sparky doesn’t actually drink the wine…

One of my favorite wines ever offered on woot. My only complaint with this wine is that it doesn’t last in my wine fridge very long because I’m too busy drinking it.