Peter Wellington Victory Reserve (2)

Peter Wellington 2007 Victory Reserve 2-Pack
$74.99 $145.25 48% off List Price
2007 Wellington Victory Reserve

Pricier than it used to be, but get it while you can. 3X if you can afford it!


And the Sole Exalted Triple Tastemaster Supreme beat me!! :wink:

I’m gewtting an error message that this wine can’t be shipped to Maryland. But Maryland is on the list, AND I bought some Wellington YESTERDAY on woot. WHAT GIVES?

My six from the last woot are on the truck for delivery today, and will join the existing six already tucked away…

Someone wanna fix a sig that reads “Wellington Vitory x3”

Holy Murgatroyd! I was going to say it’s $5 cheaper than the previous (December) offer, but the same as when it was offered last October.

But then I looked at the 2006 Victory link (in the October offer), and it was only $55 plus $5 shipping back in 2010!!

Can someone from woot help me here?

What wine resources do you all use for online wine rankings?

It has been suggested to contact as he is well versed in shipping magic.

A much better question for the cyberpub.

Whatchu talkin’ 'bout Willis?!

Last woot was 2008 and this is 2007, back from the past! Considering more, but really really shouldn’t.

In for one. I’ve wanted to try Victory for quite a while, but I have been disappointed at the rising price of Wellington wines. I have liked every wine I have gotten from them (and that has been quite a few) but I thought they were right on the price point and may be creeping above it now.

I don’t mean to disparage or offend. Just my two cents.

I just realized this is the '07, not the '08 that was just up. I could use some more '07.
Klez, wanna split a triple down on this?

[edit] clearly sales stats have been fubar for this woot-off.
Doesn’t show and triple woots, and I know there’s at least one.
What’s up with that TT?

Yeah, me either but I have poor impulse control. In for 6 more…

Here’s what I remember from the 2008 Victory offering discussion

-Peter raised the price on the 2007 offering, because he felt it was that much better than the 2006. FWIW, it seems like most reviews agree.

-The price stayed the same (higher) for the 2008s.

-When reading about the 2008, googling up reviews and tasting notes (bc I wasn’t going to open a bottle of my own), I was impressed enough to buy 4 more to add to the pair I had. Those should be on the way.

-However, while reading about the 2008s I became even sadder there weren’t any 2007s available, because the 2007 seems to have been the year according to tasting notes and reviews. I even looked at my Wellington Wine Club list in hopes of finding the 2007 available for purchase…no dice.

-I don’t know where they found this stash, but I went in for 2…mostly so I couldn’t talk myself into 3. :slight_smile:

I’m right there with you. I was spoiled by the prices we used to get and find myself not buying as much here. I am buying just as much overall just a lesser percentage from here. I do love Wellington and I have two of these already.


No offense taken. Grape prices have risen in recent years, as has the cost of barrels, bottles, corks, capsules, labor, trucking…A couple of our wines have actually been at the same price for more than ten years, with moderate increases for others (10% or less). Only the Victory and single vineyard Cabs have gone up more than 10% during the last ten years.

2007 - in for 2!