Peter Wellington Victory Reserve (2)

Now, we’re talkin’!!!

This one almost certain to get me in trouble with the lady, a nice parting gift if she kills me…

quoted for truth… in for one, too good to pass up.

I’m sure I could use a couple more bottles, not sure on 3. Although if I had that many I could drink one soon and not feel bad about it. Look what you’re doing to me :tongue:

for those who care about such things, this wine scored a 94 in Wine Enthusiast:

It’s ok, I was being uncharacteristically polite.
Two for you, four for me.

Thanks Peter!

Yep…I have addresses in MD/DC/VA - zippo for all!

My 2nd ever WW purchase was 2005 Wellington Victory Reserve back in 2009. At least the Old Dominion (Virginia) is saving me some money these days.

Everything we have had from Wellington (and in some respects Sonoma) has been great from the 2007 vintage. 2008 can be a smoky year in Sonoma due to fires that occurred that year. Passsed on recent 2008 offering but am all over this 2007. Even think I may have tried few years back at the winery but my memory is bad.

I’ll take one if you dont mind parting. Buty I understand if you want to keep all four! :slight_smile:

.mine. :tongue:
But you could get one and each of us could then give Klez one. :slight_smile:

Servers are sure slow to update … I might or might not have Last Wooter.

It was around 2% when I succumbed to peer pressure and picked up another 2 sets (2 sets from last October’s offer).

Of course I forgot to change my shipping address to the Irvine Wine Locker one. Doh! :frowning:

Edit: My order says 23 minutes ago, and it still shows:
Last purchase: 52 minutes ago

It normally takes some time to update, but this is ridiculous!

Woot was no help, and no sales in Maryland. This, even though Maryland was listed as an available shipping state. I’m very unhappy at being shut out. Boo Woot.

Sometimes I really regret not being able to check the offerings regularly during the working day. Oh, well - I’ll just have to convince myself that I really don’t need to be adding to my inventory.