Peter Wellington Victory Reserve (2)

Yeah! My first “first sucker”! Wellington is great. Victory Reserve is even greater.

I now have the 05, 06, and 08 vintages. It may be wishful thinking to hope that we’ll see the 07 on here, given how excellent the vintage was, but I’ll keep my eyes peeled.

Love Peter’s wine. Got to get it while you can.

I love everything Wellington. But the CT reviews don’t sell me on this wine vintage at this price. Does anyone here have comments before it ends?

I just tried to order some and got blocked saying it doesn’t ship to SC!? I just ordered some other wine the other day and have ordered Wellington many times before.

Done and Done!

Same thing happening here to me in GA - Woot, what is going on?

There were some similar shipping issues last night with the woot cellars offering. They were able to fix it before it sold out…

I’m in! First wine.woot purchase in a long time. :slight_smile:

That’s really weird because GA is showing up on the map for people purchasing.

Just checked the Wellington site and it looks like they no longer ship to SC but they do still ship to GA.

Man, I woke up just in time this morning.

Don’t blame me for selling out this one. When I placed my order there was 3% left. After my order woot said 1% was left. So it wasn’t me that did it!!!

Also, average CT price is under $40.??

Noooooooooo…can’t believe I missed this by moments - it said it was available when I looked at the home page, but sold out once I clicked. Was up at Wellington a couple of weeks ago - lovely people who kept us entertained with interesting and tasty wines for a couple of hours. Walked away with a case of The Duke but really would have liked to add more Victory. Bah. Hopefully, there’ll be more later.

Received this in the mail last week, and it turns out it was 2009 Victory and not 2008. Did everyone else also get the 2009, or did some folks get the 2008???

I received the 2009 as well. Peter or Wine David was this supposed to be the 2008 or the 2009?