Peter Wellington Victory Reserve (2)

Peter Wellington 2008 Victory Reserve 2-Pack
Sold by: Wellington Vineyards
$74.99 $140.00 46% off List Price

2008 Wellington Vineyards Victory Reserve
CT link above

I really want this but have no wine funds for it.
Oh well…

Hopefully this will be the '08! :slight_smile:

There do seem to be vintage issues with some of the Wellington offers.
EDIT: Previous Offer that turned out to be the 2009. I believe Peter said the listing was correct in that the sale was supposed to be for the 2008 but they accidentally shipped the 2009. I already have some of the 2008 but not the 2009. If I knew this was the 2009 I would be in but I’m guessing this is the 2008 that was supposed to be sold a couple months ago.

I just bought this and agree that this better be the '08. I previously bought the '08 and ended up with the '09 (which was fine, since I didn’t yet have the '09). Now, though, I’m planning to complete/continue the vertical with the '08.

In any event, enough complaining about the vintage–Wellington is an autobuy and Victory is the best of the bunch!!!

yes. 2008 confirmed!!

I promise not to make the same mistake again - it was upsetting to me also.

Trust me, I’m not upset. Happy to continue the vertical with some '08 this time, and not have to wait for the '09.

I really enjoy your wines, and am happy to add more to my cellar. :slight_smile:

Button hit! Now I have a vertical from 2006 through 2009!

…but I can’t imagine opening all those bottles at once.

Thank you so much for including Wyoming on this one! My vertical is now also complete…a couple times over! Funny how that brings some sense of security and accomplishment…

I agree with the poster above–if my post sounded snarky, I didn’t mean it to. I go in on all (or at least almost all) of the Wellington offers that we get here–it’s some of my favorite juice. Thanks for being around so often, Peter.