Peter Wellington Victory Reserve (2)

Those guys at Wellington need to get Tennessee on their acceptable list. This is great wine, and we used to be able to buy it.

What really needs to be said here? It’s Wellington. If you’ve ever had any of Peter’s wine, especially the Victory, you don’t need convincing. If you haven’t, BUY THIS! You won’t be disappointed. That’s a promise.

I guess Peter figures I have enough of his wine. Wants me to let some other folks get in on it. It’s a hard lesson but…ok. I guess I can do that this time…sigh

Wyoming used to always be on the Wellington shipping list…:frowning:

Sad face from South Carolina too:( And this is one of our Wellington very favorites.

Hmm, thinking of picking one of these up and getting one in case a friend in VA wants one. Too bad they don’t deliver to VA. I’d send it directly to him.

Finally a Wellington offer I can pass on. I’ve been buying everything Peter has sold here lately but I still have 7-8 bottles of the 08 Victory from the mystery cases. Great deal on a great wine though

Contact Toby directly, in the past they have made accommodations.

Dog Gone it Woot! First you put up Pedroncelli, now Wellington?? Are you trying to spend my whole paycheck in one day? How can I say no?

Sorry, I don’t know who Toby is or how to contact him.

anyone know the drinking window on this one?

General Manager, Toby Germano. Try him at

Here’s what it says on the features tab: It is certainly enjoyable now, but will continue to soften and improve slowly in bottle for many years to come. Better hurry, it’s almost gone.

He says no go, they do not have a license to ship to TN. Can use a surrogate shipper but he can’t be involved.