Peter Wellington Victory Reserve (2)

In for 3!

This has been one of my favorite wines off woot. I just emailed Wellington yesterday to get a price on a case, and at $60/bottle ($51/bottle with 15% off for a case) direct from the winery, this is a heck of deal.

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Had a bottle of this last Saturday, while it’s a good wine, I think its over priced at $40 per bottle (Inc shipping) IMHO

Coincidentally I opened and decanted a 2006 bottle of this wine last night to pair with a steak dinner. Unlike the comment section for this year (2007), there was sediment in the 2006 bottle. However, it was full bodied and smooth, and not too short on the palate. A nice blend.

Maybe it just needs more time in the bottle. But you are right. At $40, there are alot of good wines out there for less. But, if I had $40 to spend, I’d try it because in general I really like Peter’s wines.

Not sure what the issue is, but I live in NY and can buy this direct from Wellington, but cannot buy it from Woot. Woot, why the disparity?

I’ve really enjoyed all of the Wellington wines that I’ve bought from here recently. I haven’t had a bad bottle, or a so-so bottle. Even if I really wanted this, I’m not on the “list” to buy it. Too bad…

Write your state senator. It’s a New York issue.

Actually not a state issue; we can ship direct to New York. It’s more a woot corporate policy issue at this time.

Read This for your answer.

Woot, can you sort this out? Noticed that for all recent Wine Woots that NY and a number of other states, have been off limits…

Peter, totally unrelated since I have 3 bottles of this, and can’t buy anyway…

How are the 2006 Karren and 2006 Handal-Denier cabs drinking now?

I think my memory says the Karren should wait another 3-5 years at least and HD 1-3 years? Has any of that changed?

And the 2007 Karren is much softer than 2006 and ready to go now?

Also, how is the harvest going?

Yes, the 2007 Karren (and our other Cabs & Victory) is softer than the 2006. The 2007 is very enjoyable now but has several years of life still. The 2006 is rounding into shape and will continue to improve (my subjective judgment) for a while yet.

Great so far

Sorry to go off topic, but I wanted to send a message to Peter regarding your 2003 Wellington Old Vines Port:

Bravo! Bravo!

Just PM’d you

I may be wrong, but I was under the impression that it is fine for you to ship but not for woot to sell. Something about third party retailers?

What do I know, I live in oregon, where somehow we went from one of the most restrictive with alcohol policies to one of the least. Without changing much at all. shrug

Edit to add: if I were buying bottles for cellaring, I’d be all over this. Never had a bad bottle from these folks.

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