Peter Wellington Victory Reserve (2)

Peter Wellington 2007 Victory Reserve 2-Pack
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2007 Wellington Victory Reserve
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If you’ve never bought this before… buy, buy, buy!

If you’ve bought this before… well, honestly, I know you already clicked the giant yellow button before you even looked at this thread.

Great juice. To say the very least.

Thank you sdilullo. I’ll be around for a while this evening to answer any questions, and then back tomorrow during the day.
Peter Wellington

We bought some of this when we visited the winery earlier this year. We were excited and drank it already and my wife loved it and wants more so I guess I am in for 1!

I already have some of this, but not sure if I want to open the 2007 just yet as the 2005 is drinking very nicely now and I’ve got some bottles of 06 that will be ready in the not too distant future.

So sit on the 07 for a couple of more years or quaf now!

The Wellington Victory Reserve is a phenomenal food-friendly wine best paired with a premium steak dinner. Decanted my 2006 VR (slightly different composition than this 2007 for twelve hours, racked off the sediment and brought the bottle along to a celebration dinner with two buddies at a local steak house. We were all blown away at how excellent this wine was. I’d buy save for the biwbm.

Well, I don’t know about quaffing this wine, but it certainly is very enjoyable now. Three and a half years in bottle has resulted in nice development of both bouquet and texture. Of course, if you’re into aged wines, the 2007 Victory has the potential to continue to develop for several more years.


I’m looking for a 2013 wine that will keep for 21 years so I can give it to my son when he turns 21. Questions:

  • Would a Wellington keep that long if kept in a cellar that long? If not, any other recommendations? Love Corisons, Wellingtons, Kents, etc…

  • When will I start seeing 2013 vintage wine? From woot?

Thanks for any advice.

Cabernet sauvignon based wines from coastal California or Bordeaux are your best bet in a dry wine. Port is a classic wine and will age 21 years without any problems (cellared properly, of course).
Some 2013s are on out already, such as nouveau Beaujolais and southern hemisphere whites. Serious Bordeaux, California Cabs and vintage Port will start showing up in 2015.

BTW: I can’t speak for Bordeaux or the Douro, but 2013 should produce some absolutely outstanding Cabernets in Sonoma and Napa.

Alas! West Virginia still has not been added back to the list :frowning:

I just had several bottles of the 2007 Victory with family at Thanksgiving and it was awesome.

It was a very balanced smooth wine and one of the best that Wellington makes

In for 2. Looking forward to drinking it on special evenings!

I’ve been begging for some of the 2005 Victory Reserve to show again, but it seems that my pleas have been fruitless. As for the 2006, I must have missed that one, and I wouldn’t mind seeing it come across. The 2007, I already have, but I’m in for 3 anyway. If anyone from Wellington is paying attention, please give me one more chance at the 2005.

Alas, my state’s buzzkill legislature continues to keep me from wine wooting. I’d buy otherwise since I’ve never had a bad bottle of Wellington!

Just had some of the 2004 Victory yesterday Peter, and it was developing wonderfully. When would be a good time to crack open a 2005?

Does anyone know why I can no longer buy Wellington’s in Georgia? Every other wine seems to be just fine. This is getting a little old…and a little cruel. you let me have Wellingtons for years and then just take it away. That is SOOO wrong!!


Peter’s Victory is one of those rpm AUTOBUY wines. Buy as much as you can afford and can store.

Hi, Peter! How would you compare and contrast this wine with the 2005 and 2006? How are they developing and where to you think they will go? Knowing you like younger and I like older Cab/Cab Blends generally, when would guesstimate peak maturity would be for each of the three wines?

This wine would be an excellent accompaniment to the prime rib cook-off starting in the Cyber Pub.