Peter Wellington Victory Reserve (2)

I still have some 2004 and 2005. Get yourself to Buffalo, NY sometime, and we’ll have some together. Meanwhile, the 2006 is still available directly from the winery. Worth every penny of the retail price, IMO. Couldn’t buy this last time, because of shipping issues then in place, and I had already inundated my friendly Connecticut wootlegger. No way to resist this time.
Still able to resist uncorking that 3L 2004 Victory for now, however. Another few years. :slight_smile:

Christmas money all spent, no room in cellar. Up pops Wellington Victory reserve, "click"goes the big yellow button…damn you woot!

Does anybody know why Woot stopped delivery to New Mexico? It’s a reciprocal state with California, and I’m missing my Wellingtons.


Wine.Woot is currently not able to offer wine deals in certain states, but will be opening up additional states as laws and regulations regarding selling wine online continue to evolve.

You’re welcome to also check out this thread to discuss and talk about current Wine Shipping Laws

I agree…damn you woot!!! We finished the Wellington we got last year, at Thanksgiving and it was wonderful. (sounds like a trend) Okay yellow button, here I come

Minnesota off the list (still) is saving me a lot of money. Sadly.

note to wine.woot
when you offer something like wellington’s victory reserve, you don’t have to ask questions like why aren’t people discussing the deal…

i’m in.

Maybe a half hour to an hour before dinner.

I have enjoyed this before but woot shipping is still broken for MN. I can ship from Wellington to MN but not from Woot… why is this still broken? I would get this if I could. :frowning:

Always great to see you back around here, Peter!

Our first bottle of Victory was a much appreciated and unexpected engagement gift.

We finally opened our second bottle (an '06) on our anniversary this year. Simply spectacular with roasted beef tenderloin and a dark chocolate mousse cake…

(We also had a bottle of Prosecco, which was quite good with the shrimp!)

Arrrgh! My post disappeared.

Well, here goes again:
Victory allows us lots of blending options and the ability to aim for more year to year consistency of structure and ageability. Our blending goals include coming up with a wine that can be enjoyed over a long time span; balance is key. In “lighter” years we can add richness and weight with more Cab Franc and Merlot; in “softer” years we can add backbone and structure with more Petit Verdot and Cab Franc; in “harder” years we can add fullness with Merlot and Malbec.
All of these should develop and last at least 15 years from vintage. FWIW I’m keeping more 2004 and 2007 in my personal cellar.

Maybe your monitor is broken, because this was explicitly addressed above.

Btw, this should read “as interpretations of laws and regulations”

Love this wine! Can someone explain what is going on with Shipping to MN? I see on the Wellington website that the winery ships to MN, but why has woot quit? I’m missing all of the good wine deals… :frowning:

Read the thread.

So tempted on this it physically hurts. Trying to recover from the christmas spendapalooza and a full 25% of my humble cellar already consists of the wellington label. Im also down to my last bottle of the white port and was planning on restocking that early next year, but no, the victory just has to come along and sing its siren call…

You’re lucky you have a '13 baby. My daughter is '12. Horrible year all over Europe. For ’ 13, a Corison Kronos would easily make it 21 years. I’m not familiar enough with Victory, but as PW said, '13 is one hell of a year for Sonoma/Napa. And he would know better than any of us. I’m guessing a '13 Victory would make it, but I’d contact PW when it’s released and ask. Also, along with Port, a high-end Sauternes makes a great 21 year wine. :slight_smile:

We will try to accommodate w00ters from states where we have licenses but w00t does not currently ship.
You can call Toby at (800) 816-9463 or e-mail him (

Well, at least 2012 was a very good year in Sonoma and Napa:)

Strange… my monitor seems to be working fine. Just cant buy the wine because Amazon is being overly selective on who to ship to.