Peter Wellington Victory Reserve (2)

Thank you very much Peter. I greatly appreciate it.

I know. I’ll be stocking up on the big boys, you included, but I really wanted to have some Sauternes. Such a poor vintage, d’Yquem didn’t even bottle. :frowning:

Every time I see Wellington come up on Woot I think it’s Hawley Winery! The bottles look so similar!

BTW I haven’t seen Hawley since I bought it a couple of years ago…anyone see any of that stuff?

These wines are an automatic buy for me. Wellington’s Victory Reserve have never disappointed me.

Not to be a stick in the mud here, but I don’t see how the ‘43% off list price’ can be accurate. Both the 05 and 06 Reserves are listed for $50 on the Wellington website. I’ll assume this is one is naturally higher priced (though I’m not sure why I’m assuming that), but even then, the very first site google gives me ( is selling the 07 at $60, which puts this at a 33% discount at best. If the list price ends up being $50 like the other vintages, then it’s 20%.

That being said, I’ve enjoyed every wine I’ve had from Wellington. I’ve never tried the VR, and I was thinking about going in for this deal despite being a bit costlier than the typical bottles I purchase, but it doesn’t seem like there’s much of a discount on buying it this time. It’s actually less of a discount than the wine club pricing - or maybe that’s the point?

If you look under the Specs tab you will see how the discount % is calculated. Woot uses $60 as the retail price + $25 “average shipping” so 60x2 = 120 + 25 = 145 then they subtract the woot shipping charge of $5 to come up with $140 as the retail price used to determine the discount.

Not offering my tacit approval of this method, just explaining it. :wink:

Awesome wine. My cellar is full of Wellington (including some of these). BTW my husband and I were just at the winery last week and had a lovely chat with Peter. (Hi! We’re the Colorado couple with the white van, who talked about solar stuff!)

Wine Enthusiast gave it a 94:

Wellington 2007 Victory Reserve Meritage (Sonoma County)

Price $60

This is one of the best Bordeaux-style blends Wellington has ever produced. Although it still has plenty of life ahead, perhaps as much as 10 more years, its soft tannins and sweet black-currant flavor make it drinkable now. Only 471 cases were produced, but it’s worth the hunt. — S.H. (4/1/2013)

PW: we talked about scores last time you were here, but I’m curious if you have seen any difference in calls, sales, or visits after that big score and nice write-up.

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Woot…you know me too well.

Hi there. Thanks for chiming in on this. Are you back home yet, or still working on California projects?

A good review. Of course, we think we should get them more often, but our house style is not “blockbuster”, so often our wines are a bit too subtle and balanced to stand out when a wine judge or reviewer is tasting a lot of wines in a short time.

No major effect.

No, you and others just won’t read what’s been clearly explained, in every singe WW, every day, including this one with a very clear explanation. Read the thread instead of whining and you might find you might be able to be accommodated.

Can I get an “amen”?


I love you, man.

A different interpretation would be that this began as a whimsical reply to a sarcastic post by another wooter. You seem to feel that anyone who has not been here every day, reading every post on the shipping topic, is ineligible to ask a question. Other opinions may differ. Granted, SB has offered to accommodate those who are (temporarily, we hope) disenfranchised by the Troubles, and that should stop the whining.

Well put. Don’t become a troll on here and don’t encourage trolls.

And neither has NM!!! When will the torture stop? Can anyone update us on getting our states back on the list???