Petition to get mean people kicked off of woot!


If you hate mean people and want to get them permanently banished from woot please sign this petition by posting your concerns here.


If nominees for banishment are listed or activities that can be associated with specific users are described, this could get real ugly and vindictive very quickly!


But, that being said . . . I nominate virtually everybody on the product forums for reasons too numerous to list . . . :tongue:


Morning Schrobblehead & AZ, should we make some popcorn or run for the hills. :slight_smile:


Hi, t’ey . . . we can do both!!


You hold the popcorn then. I bounce more so more popcorn will come out of the bowl.


Okay; save me a seat . . . I don’t run fast . . . or long.


We could just pull up some chairs along the sidelines here and just wait. No running involved and still a good view.


I can certainly understand the motivation for such an action given the events this morning but quite honestly a petition is ineffective and not a real good idea. I say they should just get 99,999 hours of probation. Otherwise the most effective solution is if you don’t like something here, go elsewhere, the intarnets are big.


Hiya, ed . . . I know not of what events you speak (and I ain’t gonna go look), but naming names would be about as effective as putting out a fire with gasoline!


Might be difficult to discern the sidelines once the game starts!!


True, didn’t think of that. I haven’t a clue what happened and I’ve been here all night. Guess that shows I wasn’t paying much attention. :slight_smile:


What events? mmm… popcorn.


I request the banishment of anyone who creates obvious aliases in order to attack other people.

No names mentioned. :slight_smile:


evidently our friend no1 isn’t getting enough sleep, or somethin’.


no1 is really brave when D’name isn’t around. l o l


Very true. Probably more like a free-fire zone than not.


mr 1…play nice!

I wonder if I’m still processing.



How long has it been since you last ate?


nope … that has processed.
You don’t want to know.