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Yup my kids love soft cozy blankets and jackets ^••^

On the contrary, cats LOVE to sleep on your clean shirts, work clothes that you’ve laid out, or anything you don’t want them to sleep on. Maybe I’ll get one of these for myself!

Mine has taken to jumping into the laundry basket and sleeping on all the clean clothes that I just folded.

Ironically, the last bed I had for him, he peed on it. Thankfully he has not taken to peeing on the laundry…yet.

I think a cat tree for my 2 cats would be a lovely Christmas present for them. However, I’m definitely not spending that much. I’ve got leftover carpet from when I replaced mine a few years ago and I am quite handy with tools, so I think I’ll just build them one.

i’ve seen all or most of these cat trees at tj maxx. haven’t bothered to look at the price.

since my cat rules the house, this is my future dream house (my can wouldn’t mind either)

Wow just when I was thinking I need a cat tree to calm these pussies down.

Anybody know if these are machine washable?

I assume you’re talking about the Extra Plush, Faux Leather & Fur Bed? But you know what they say about assume… So could you please post back and confirm for me? :slight_smile:

Go to your used clothes store and buy baby blankets. Cats LOVE baby blankets. Then they will take to sleeping on them. When they get full of hair, just wash them. The thrift and used clothes stores always have tons of baby blankets.

10-4, good buddy. Yes, I meant the beds.