PetPals Cat Furniture

I’d sure like to know something about this cat tunnel before buying it! Like what it is made of, where it was made, you know, those basics?

Can’t tell what is inside, either… is it wire or maybe cardboard?

Tell me something!

I got one of these the last time they were on woot (the “Petpals PP1133 Recycled Paper Cat Tower with Condo” to be exact).

I like it, it looks as good in person as it does in the pic. The one thing I want to mention is that the recycled paper poles are very, very hard. I thought the cats would be able to scratch the recycle paper coils, but they can’t. They feel almost like plastic.

While that makes it very sturdy, it doesn’t help with the feline need to scratch. I ended up going to the hardware store and getting some sissal rope to wrap around parts of the poles. The cats are happily scratching again.

I’m happy with the purchase, I just wanted to give folks a heads-up: Recycled paper poles are NOT scratchable.