Petroni Vineyards Red (4)

Petroni Vineyards Red 4-Pack
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2008 Rosso Di Sonoma
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Seems like an interesting wine, any community notes?

Unfortunately, we didn’t get around to opening this at the RPM tour meet & greet. Someone went home with the bottle, maybe if they see this they’ll take one for the team and open it up to post some notes…

I did have this and it was enjoyed by all. Had w/ italian food. Very drinkable by itself too.
Sorry I can’t be more specific. It was a while ago. No notes.
I will say I was at an independent tasting in Sonoma and it was recommended to me there.

WD brought several bottles of this at the Meet & Greet, and I know at least two were opened and consumed. I tasted it and thought it wasn’t bad at all, though it was too hot (at 15.5% alcohol) for my taste.

I first tasted Petroni wines in 2009 at the winery, which is beautiful up on the side of the mountains NE of Sonoma. I thought the Cabs and Italian style wines had real promise, especially a 2005 Brunello-style red that was very very good and seemed ageworthy (a bottle is now resting in my cellar to determine whether it’s good for > 10 years).

We also tasted a Petroni Cab at the Meet & Greet, which I liked.

Does Petroni Vineyards realize that their logo kinda looks like the logo for Greendale Community College? And as we all know the Greendale Community College logo kinda looks like a part of the human anatomy.

Okay, I dragged myself out of bed early today to meet all you Wooters!!

I pretty much drink this daily with everything from soup to nuts, BBQ to Italian, with Fowl, Fin or Swine…I think you get the drift!

Not Exactly what we had in mind! But I do wonder if the comes in a XXL T-Shirt to cover a certain part of my anatomy?
Anthony DiCarlo
Petroni Estate Director

I also tasted a few of the Petroni wines at the meet&greet. Agreed overall with rpm - more fruit-driven and bigger alcohol style all around. If you like that style, this is a solid value.

Anthony, thanks for jumping in. This is a very solid offering.

Sounds like a nice everyday drinker.

That’s what I get for showing up late. I didn’t realize there were multiples which had already been consumed, just remembered seeing a full bottle of Petroni at the end of the night.

But what dominates, the fruit or the alcohol? I l.ike big wines but only where the alcohol takes the backseat and does not burn my nose.

I don’t think there is any nose burn here, really. It’s a fun jammy wine; unfiltered and unfined. Great with BBQ or any peasant fare and yes the Alcohol is a bit up but isn’t that true of any Sonoma/Napa wine.

I’m going to crab a glass right now!

I can’t let this statement go by. Historically, Sonoma and Napa alcohol levels were under the 14% level that was the maximum in the +/- 1.5% leeway the traditional 12.5% label allowed. Above 14%, it’s no longer “table wine” and there is (and was) a different tax regime.

Even today, many producers can and do make wines with alcohols close to or under 14%, although it’s no longer fashionable to just label “12.5% alcohol”.

Alcohol at 15.5% suggests harvesting fruit at around 27 degrees Brix, which suggests the jammy description comes from grapes that are very ripe.

That’s a style choice which a winery team (owner/viticulturalist/winemaker) can certainly make, and many do, but such high alcohols are in no way inherent in Sonoma/Napa wines.

Well said RPM! I may stand corrected - although it seems I am hard pressed to find a wine less this 14.5% these days!

This wine is simply unapologetic in its rustic appeal preferring to tackle hardy tastes of lamb, smokey cookouts - if that’s in your wheelhouse this is it! Jammy yes, some alcohol yes!

Well, Anthony is actually off to join in (and enjoy) dinner at the Inn at The Tides in Bodega! They are hosting a Winemaker’s Dinner tonight featuring our wines and winemaker - Martin Mackenzie. Yes - they will be serving our Rosso di Sonoma!

I’m jealous! At least I have a few bottles at home that I can enjoy. I will be honest - I have never been a red wine drinker but i do like the Rosso.


Thanks Sabrina. Anthony took me on a tour through the new Caves a coupld of weeks back. gonna be awesome. Highly recommend wooters check Petroni out when visiting Sonoma.

Concur with the recommendation to visit Petroni - I was there in 2009 for a private tasting and very impressed with the gorgeous mountainside winery and views!