Pets Are Total Sellouts

the heated pet covers are worth every penny. i got the chair sized covers on the last woot. it came with one heating element. in all reality they should call it a heating pad as that is what it is. its roughly 20"x12". plenty big to keep any sized pup or humnan warm on a cold night.

my pit absolutely loves it. and so does my gma. its a high quality piece of kit also. i suspect the cover itself will last for years and years.
buy with confidence.

Could you put two of the exercise pens together to make it larger?

Someone asked this on Amazon and the answer was:

you can make it larger by connecting panels but not taller.

Regarding the rectangular frame that hold the wee-wee pads in place: no wee-wee pads fit it! The pads I have seen are all square and are either too large or too small. If anyone knows where I can get properly-sized pads for this let me know. PetSmart and PetGoods and my local pet stores do not have them in store or online.

My Shar-Pei/Pit tends to dig up her bedding. She would destroy this in no time. I would get one of these if she didn’t do that… My pup was raised in a dirt back yard and the digging is something she has always done.
Since she was 18 weeks old she has had the life of leisure. Her digging can be a real pain in the middle of the night when she wants to freshen up her spot.

The pet covers are great, put out great heat, good quality, fit nicely.

They must be pretty tasty too as one of my beagle ate 2 chair and one couch cover.

This made me chuckle.