Pet's Choice Bully Sticks Odorless

I can’t find any information on where these are made so I am guessing they are not made in USA. I don’t think I will take a chance.

I just came here to find out if anyone had that info. I won’t take a chance either without confirmation that they are made in the USA.

Just got confirmation from the vendor:

They are made in Colu(o?)mbia.

Columbia? That’s for coffee. “Not USA?” That’s not for what I’ll be feeding my fur baby.

Colombia. Where the coffee I haven’t had yet comes from. So here I am trying to brush off that bug, wondering if it’s a spider or a some kind of beetle, then amazed at how a bug got inside my computer…

Anyway, I found this. Doesn’t necessarily implicate the source for this particular product, but it shows information about countries of origin at the end, with dates. Note there is 2015 data for Colombia.

I was told “Columbia” by the buyer, but I know that’s not how it’s spelled, if it’s the country.