Pet's Choice Bully Sticks Odorless

Where are these made? Please don’t say China.

They are made in Columbia

Just a little tidbit of information on these. Bully sticks are bull penis. BUT dogs love them! Enjoy lol!

Looking at the pictures, these appear to be 6" sticks. In the future, that would be something good to put in the specs.

25 pack is a decent price for odorless ones, they’re usually more expensive.

So the bully sticks I ordered(three 25 packs) arrived today and they are not in retail packaging. Just in a clear plastic bag closed with tape. So how do I know where they were made or any other info? I didn’t find anything in the description to say they wouldn’t arrive in the packaging shown in the photos. What gives woot?

Hmmm, sorry about that. If you haven’t, please email CS can check into your options.

Ok I’ve emailed cs.