PetSafe Remote Trainer with Vibration

What size dogs is this made to fit?

Per the buyer…

This is made for dogs that are 8 pounds and up and fits neck sizes up to 22”.

How does this “remote trainer w/vibration” actually work/train? My dog is 6 yr old Deaf Boston Terrier (due to Parvo-fever brain damage at 10 wks old, between 2nd & 3rd vaccinations). Does it involve PAIN to my dog? My dog respond to hand signals, only if he’s looking at me,of course. Please advise. :woman::dog:Great doggie, but loves to chew on my furniture/pillows. Aghhh!! When he’s not looking…Also stops at threat of water squirt bottle.*again,if he’s looking-Any Dog Whisperers to help me, plz???

This would seem to be useful to you. It vibrates when you need to get his attention, of course you need to have the remote accessible. Since it seems that the problem is getting him to look at you or know you are trying to get his attention, it should work. The vibrations won’t hurt him.